Ideanco and HeroX sign a Global Crowdsourcing Collaboration

BY GINA SPARROW | 3 min read

The idea innovator company, Ideanco, closed a strategic partnership agreement with the prominent crowdsourcing platform, HeroX, to provide solutions for global challenges within the innovation platform of the Ideanco Lab. 

This collaboration agreement comes at a time where Ideanco just finished a significant phase of the company’s crowdsourcing reinvention and transformation into an AI integrated crowdsourcing model. HeroX’s platform expertise and robust community of innovators, combined with Ideanco crowdsourcing services and challenge design lab, makes this duo a force to be reckoned with.

To initiate this collaboration agreement, two hybrid challenges with a focus on climate change and food security are in the works. The “Ideanco Climathon” challenge launched earlier this year, seeking sustainable solutions to climate change. It received a high level of interest from HeroX innovators who were ready to tackle environmental challenges with global, impactful solutions.  Just this week, the companies are meeting to explore the second hybrid global challenge, an initiative by Ideanco in the field of food security that will take place in Dubai during the UAE Innovation month, on February 26 - 27, 2020. Winner cohort(s) of the Ideanco challenges to be incubated at the Launch pad, a platform by the Ideanco Lab, investing premium services and seed into launching startup(s).

Speaking to the collaboration agreement, Maher Ezzeddine, the CEO of Ideanco, said: “HeroX is a unique platform that will play a key role in getting the Ideanco’s challenges under the Ideanco Lab solved using the power of crowdsourcing. As a strong believer in the power of collaboration, I have a tremendous amount of confidence and trust in what the HeroX platform will contribute to the Ideanco’s challenges. We are also looking forward to build on this collaboration agreement to become a strategic partnership focusing soon on the Ideanco Lab’s remaining services in the field of research, hybrid incubation and crowdfunding.”

Ideanco Lab is a global hybrid Lab (virtual and physical), working closely with entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators to find global impactful solutions for the world’s significant challenges. Qualified solutions provided by the HeroX community of solvers, along with other qualified solutions coming from the Ideanco community, can now be developed further at the Ideanco Lab. Solutions become either a product or service, and may lead to startup businesses. (Both Ideanco Lab and the original solvers will maintain ownership - Ideanco Lab will inject both funding and services to the incubated cohort(s) to make sure it becomes a successful startup. In return, Ideanco Lab will have an equity share in their business, also known as Seed Funding.)


Christian Cotichini, the CEO and co-founder of HeroX, said: “Ideanco’s business model will add a tremendous amount of value and benefits to HeroX by giving our global innovators access to a significant list of challenges to solve within the Ideanco streams of climate change, environment, education, human aging, space exploration, and many more. We couldn’t be more proud to be part of yet another successful crowdsourcing business model such as Ideanco’s.”


Since 1999, Ideanco enjoyed tremendous success by having a unique crowdsourcing business model service, focusing on providing the highest quality of strategy consultancy services to its customers and utilizing the power of the talented crowd. Today, Ideanco and HeroX form a great partnership with a focus on challenges from both private and public sectors and matched with transformative solutions that have a global impact.

As the world’s problems become widespread and complex, crowdsourcing offers a way to overcome these challenges while promoting cooperation on a global scale. With this collaboration agreement, Ideanco and HeroX will lead the way in crowdsourcing effective solutions to climate change and food security issues around the world. 



About Ideanco:

Our name Ideanco was born out of the fusion of ‘idea’ and ‘company.’ It implies that we place ideas and creativity as the cornerstones of our business. Since 1999, we have been harnessing the vast powers of creative thinking and disruptive innovation to bring about better business ideas for our clients. We take extreme pride in being an early adopter of crowdsourcing embedded within the advisory, lab and academy services, a significant innovation key differentiator.

Dunia Bounader, Marketing Specialist


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