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From around the world, the HeroX team convened in Kelowna, BC, Canada at beautiful Okanagan Lake for strategy sessions.
Explore why startups are bypassing venture crowdfunding for alternative financing methods.
Education in the Age of the Crowd: The Impact of Open Innovation
Jessie Ford has joined HeroX as the new Director of Community Innovation. With 18+ years of crowdsourcing experience and a passion for community building, Jessie is set to take our community engagement to new heights! Welcome aboard, Jessie!
From solar energy to carbon capture and storage, explore the top 5 Earth innovations of the past decade that are driving positive change for the environment and society.
Learn how to create a positive and innovative work environment by implementing these practical tips. Foster a culture of creativity and boost innovation in your company.
Autonomous vehicles will revolutionize cities, reducing human error and traffic congestion while improving safety, traffic flow, and space utilization. The Technology Innovation Institute's Infrared Tracking Challenge aims to overcome challenges in low-light object tracking for autonomous vehicles.
It was not too long ago that the idea of "robots" was way out in the future. Well not anymore. Robots and Robotic Operating Systems are here and more in use than you might think. Let's break things down.
The next frontier of space voyage is targeting missions that would take years to complete. A lean, efficient mission is imperative if NASA is going to get astronauts deeper into space. What can we learn from these missions? Discover two circular economy solutions the space economy will teach us.
The Global Water Sector includes everything that manages the collection, treatment, and distribution of water and wastewater for the sake of the community. This sector only contributes an estimated 5% of the globe's yearly GHG emissions, but what actions cause this 5% and can it be decreased?