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We work with leading consultancies, solution providers, crowdsourcing platforms, incubators, and marketing agencies worldwide to make crowdsourcing available, viable and successful for their clients. As a trusted HeroX partner, we work with your organization to help your team identify crowdsourcing value for any business.


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HeroX is the leading platform for reliable and repeated innovation

HeroX is a turnkey open innovation platform that offers organizations the know-how, the tools and the support to build, develop and manage their own crowd of problem-solvers for any challenges they are facing, internally and externally, bringing fresh innovating minds each time. 

We act as the “everything store” for crowdsourcing projects in any field, enabling any organization to solve any challenge, using the power of the crowd.

On our platform, the organization posts the work they seek as an open call, adding guidelines and incentives. Innovators self-select their participation and become your crowd.

Lockheed Martin

Keith Lynn
Client testimonial

Ecosystem Partner Types

Vertical Platforms

And vertical communities with domain expertise

Consulting Companies

Use HeroX as part of their innovation and/or crowdsourcing offerings

Solution Providers

Innovation software companies who connect HeroX to their software

Business Development Partner

Like thought leaders, accelerators, incubators or venture funds use the crowd's intake for submissions or for deal-flow.

Chrysalix VC

Dr. Alfred Lam. 
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HeroX Key Benefits

We will support you in identifying who within your clients could benefit from our collaboration. A dedicated Biz Dev Relationship Manager will work with you to clearly define what that support and collaboration looks like specifically for you.

A one-stop-shop platform that houses all your Crowdsourcing campaigns to reduce the complexity of innovation management

Access to a community of global innovators, from every country, education level and skill

Your community: Crowdsource innovators using your own branded channel on HeroX, instead of traditional methods to source/hire knowledge workers. You and your clients get to build and keep your crowds

A robust knowledge base and renowned webinar masterclass

Earned media strategy and execution to build the crowd for every challenge

Base 11

Landon Taylor, CEO
Client testimonial

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Results of the Ameritas Innovation Challenge

Group chat with HeroX’s Christian Cotichini

Why did you choose HeroX as your platform?

Keith Lynn, Lockheed Martin

Clinton Bonner | VP Marketing | Topcoder

We've successfully collaborated winning and fulfilling on NASA contracts through their Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation. HeroX is positioned as the social network for innovation and therefore has a broader and more uncredentialed crowd, which pairs well with our Topcoder crowd of experts in development and design. Their team is great to work with, we've had the pleasure of hosting webinars and other joint initiatives.

Ami Retamoza | COO | Corner Alliance

We partnered with HeroX for a joint bid to respond to a government request for proposal. Our experience with the HeroX team was extremely positive. There were times where flexibility was critical, their team took the approach of a true partnership. Working against tight timelines, collaborating virtually, operating in different time zones; any one of these points could have created challenges, not for this team. HeroX went the extra mile, which is a rarity for us in our past experiences in collaborating with other partners. The responsive, professionalism and level of expertise was noted and appreciated. Other than their capabilities, we were impressed by their overall team in the way they conducted themselves. There was true core values alignment. We would absolutely invite the opportunity to work with their team again.

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