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We work with leading consultancies, solution providers, crowdsourcing platforms, incubators, and marketing agencies worldwide to make crowdsourcing available, viable and successful for their clients. As a trusted HeroX partner, we work with your organization, to help your team identify crowdsourcing value for any business.

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Our partners bring their crowd expertise, their challenges and their solvers. Customers are looking to tap into the power of the crowd and extend their reach to a global challenge-solving community, can work through our partners to ensure their success. Partners play an integral role in the success of our platform, and by that, to the happiness of their clients. See all partners.

We Are

HeroX is a general-purpose crowdsourcing platform focused on innovation and human ingenuity. When a client brings their unsolved challenges to us, we connect them to a custom and curated crowd to help find solutions and breakthrough insights. 

HeroX Partners

Vertical networks, business partners, innovation ecosystems, thought-leaders and service providers have already joined us as HeroX Partners to drive global open innovation thinking.

Working Together

HeroX is a turnkey crowdsourcing platform, and together with our partners we identify and engage new opportunities. Once you partner with us, you are a part of a global connected partner ecosystem. When we identify that our clients need a service we call you! 

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What happens when you partner with us?

You and your brand become part of our value chain and experience all the benefits along the way.


You and your brand become part of our value chain and experience all the benefits along the way.


Our partnership strategy allows us to start working together ASAP. Once we have identified an opportunity for collaboration, we get it on the court.


You are now part of our globally connected partner ecosystem. Let's shout that from the roof tops.

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We generate meaningful leads and traffic for our partners. Gain the benefits that hundreds of others share. Become our partner!

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