Who we are

HeroX is a crowdsourcing platform that allows anyone in the global community to create a challenge or submit a solution to a posted challenge.

We connect solvers with problems, and we believe that going to the global community can provide richer and broader solutions - beyond what your own network can provide.

Crowdsourcing may seem like a recent trend yet people have been doing it for centuries. Prize challenges have been directly responsible for our ability to navigate the open seas, to preserve food by canning, and they even helped launch the commercial space industry.

Christian Cotichini, XPRIZE's Peter Diamandis, Emily Fowler and impact investor, City Light Capital co-founded HeroX in 2013 to bring challenges and crowdsourcing capabilities to the global community on a more accessible scale. Whether you want to help solve a challenge or post a challenge, HeroX is open to everyone.

Core values

The team at HeroX consists of an extraordinary group of people who believe in making the world a better place through innovation and crowdsourcing.

Our culture and core values are top priority and each and every HeroXer truly embodies them.

Hungry to Learn and Grow
Discover over Create You grow by learning and applying
Abundance MindsetYour future is bigger than your past
Continual ImprovementYou improve by capturing discoveries into systems
Manage Systems, not PeopleIf it’s not a system or not measured, it didn’t happen
ShuHaRiThe path to being a great master is being a great student
Courage Precedes Growth
Say Yes You get out of your comfort zone and support others to do so
Bring it on!You act unreasonably understanding all progress comes from being unreasonable
HonestyYou say what you think even if it’s uncomfortable and request that others do the same
OwnershipYou question actions inconsistent with our values and request others do the same
Do it AnywaysAmateurs wait for inspiration, pros do it with a headache
Be Happy and Have Fun
Positive FunYou live life as a game that’s played best when you are having FUN
Happiness FirstYou know that happiness precedes success
Enjoy the JourneyThe journey is the destination
Make it FunYou strive to make things fun for those you work with
Be > Do > HaveYou know the path tosuccess is to live Be > Do > Have
Do it the Easy Way
Unique AbilityYou strive to live within your UA
KISSYou keep it as simple as possible, not simpler
RoweKeep activities and collaboration focused on the target outcomes
Law of Least EffortYou work in a relaxed and easy way and leave space for others to be the same
Progress not PerfectionYou can always make progress, perfection is HARD
Be Humble
We ServeWe create value for others. We make it about them, not about us
Be WrongYou celebrate being wrong: “You can be right or get results”
Team FirstWe succeed and fail together as one team
Listen FirstWe listen and understand before we talk
Be a MultiplierWe are committedto the best in each of us

Our team loves challenges and making an impact on our world.

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