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On October 21, 2004, Scaled Composites' SpaceShipOne reached the edge of space, an altitude of 100km, becoming the first privately built spacecraft to perform this feat, twice within two weeks. Read More ...

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Kal K. Sahota

President & Chief Executive Officer
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Adam Olsen

Possibilities Manager
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Alexander Allakhverdiyev

Chief Technology Officer
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Christian Cotichini

Executive Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer
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Despina Maliaka

Client Experience Specialist
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Ed Wong

Director of Possibilities
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Eloise Young

Senior Challenge Designer
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Gina Sparrow

Director of Operations
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Igor Lysenko

Senior Software Engineer
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Jodie Wozniak

Marketing Implementation Manager
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Kyla Jeffrey

VP, Customer Success
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Liz Treadwell

Head of Customer Engagement
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Meera Rathod

Outreach Specialist
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Miriam Harris

Finance & General Administrator
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Natalie York

Strategy Implementation Coordinator
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Shane Jenkins

Project Manager