Innovation Resources

We’re witnessing the dawn of the future of work in which open talent strategies and horizontal cross-functional teams will be replacing traditional vertical hierarchies. HeroX is excited to be a pioneer in this new frontier. How do problems get solved on the HeroX platform? By harnessing the power of the crowd!


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There are a lot of big brains out there filled with hundreds of sticky notes of brilliant ideas. What if we helped you harness that brain power to fuel solutions for challenges that you need solved? 



Citizen Science 

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We love spreading the news that you don't need a PhD to be a part of the growing crowd of global problem solvers! Anyone with a curious mind can participate in the scientific process, addressing real-world problems in ways that may include formulating hypotheses and testing them to solve complex problems. 




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Crowdsourcing became part of the lexicon in the last couple of decades because of high-profile funding projects in the entertainment industry and in Silicon Valley, but the kind of crowdsourcing for knowledge and innovation that we do here at HeroX is the next frontier of what is possible with the power of the collective genius out there in the world. These are not necessarily people in high-profile industries--they’re anyone with great ideas from students to senior citizens who want to make a contribution to society.



Design thinking

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Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” At HeroX, we cull the power of the crowd, not just for the awesome possibilities of all that brainpower, but for the conceptual thinking that can address pain points that you or your customer are experiencing and come up with creative solutions. 



Idea Management


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When tackling a big project and culling ideas from many sources, it’s important to have a systematic approach so that everyone on the team is heard, and no amazing ideas are left on the cutting-room floor. With some expertise in this area, HeroX encourages our teams to use idea management software. 



Problem solving

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Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.

~ Henry Kaiser (American industrialist)

Some people think about problem solving and it gives them a headache. But at HeroX, we get pretty excited about problem solving! Most of the world’s most important inventions were created to solve problems. Not only do we get excited by problem solving, but we get excited about people with curious minds who want to come sit by us and solve some of the world’s most intriguing and unusual problems.