Innovate the easy way. Solve your Challenge with the power of the crowd.

Become part of the solver community delivering innovative solutions

We provide a flexible two-sided marketplace where our solvers interact with one another to form solver groups, and for our clients to have the flexibility to design their challenges in a way that will work for them.

What We Do

HeroX enables any organization to solve any challenge in any field, using the power of the crowd.

With our easy to use platform, you post a challenge with guidelines and a prize, and our community works to solve it.

Flexible Pricing

Our pricing is tailored to your needs, to ensure that you get only what you need for success.

Can I Get Help Setting Up My Challenge?

Yes. HeroX has plenty of experts who are willing to help. Use their expertise in every aspect of your challenge with the Custom Challenge Package. Contact now to get your challenge started today!

What Should I Expect?

A ready to use platform, which gives you everything you need to run a challenge.
Incredible solutions from minds all over the world.
Guidance and support from a challenge expert at HeroX.
Access to a full knowledge base with best practices, templates, and tools.
Building your own crowd and using their expertise for the future.