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HeroX can be all things to all industries, we can help you focus on what YOU need and that's where we excel. We make possibilities a reality... one client experience at a time. 

The solutions to your business challenges are not always inside your organization, but they do exist - in the crowd.

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Here’s how it works

With almost a decade of enterprise delivery through crowdsourcing, HeroX makes implementing crowdsourcing simple and easy.


Identify your challenge

Determine what you're looking to get from the crowd. Need to improve a product? Or get a fresh perspective on an old process? Our community of innovators can do it all.


Coinbase offered $10,000 in Cryptocurrency and a Challenge NFT to our commuity to identify innovative new uses for blockchain technology.


Set your challenge guidelines

Gamify your problem by framing it as a competition and setting a reward. Let the crowd know what general parameters their solutions should follow (i.e. cost, feasibility, sustainability, etc.)

How much does a challenge cost?
Launch 1 Challenge

Pay per challenge with a one time success-fee set at 18% of the prize amount.

Launch Unlimited Challenges

Pay an annual fee for unlimited use of the platform. Often used by consultants and innovation firms.



Share your challenge

Individuals and teams sign up for your challenge and develop solutions worthy of your prize. Promote it yourself, or have us help get it out to the right heroes.

  • Get creative solutions from across the world
  • Build your very own crowdsourcing network


Choose your winner(s)

Assign your judging panel to review and score the entries and help you choose your winner or winners. You can also have the crowd help by using our public voting feature. If no submissions meets your criteria, then no prize is awarded.

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We work with leading consultancies, solution providers, crowdsourcing platforms, incubators, and marketing agencies worldwide to make crowdsourcing available, viable and successful for their clients.

Josh Everett
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Keith Lynn
Lockheed Martin
General Manager - Microelectronics Research & Development Laboratory

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We work with a variety or organizations worldwide to make crowdsourcing available, viable and successful for their clients. As a trusted HeroX partner, we work with you to help your team identify crowdsourcing value for any business.

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