Idea Management


Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

 A mind that is stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimension.

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. 

Since most of our team brainstorming happens remotely, idea management software allows for ideas to be discussed and evaluated as a group and organized into categories so that things are centralized and easily accessible by everyone in the group. 

Collaborate anywhere

The idea management software that we use functions as a cloud-based project board so that the group can be creative, collaborative, and organized. Even across time zones, these cool tools make it possible for teams to work individually and collaborate in real-time when necessary. Team members from around the globe can see activity on the project, quickly comment on topics, vote on ideas, or discuss changes in the integrated chat. 

Evaluate and prioritize

The team puts their heads together to evaluate, build on, and prioritize the concepts that are best suited to solve the problem at hand. 


As the project starts to progress, ideas can be streamlined into a funnel for next steps.

Impressive Presentations

Visualizing your ideas is great for you to be able to articulate them to the team. The software creates a platform where one team member can turn his or her ideas into beautiful, dynamic slideshows within seconds. Afterward, presentations can be exported and organized. 

These are some of the features that our teams love about idea management software: 

  • Collaborative platform with user profiles and dashboard No training is needed, simple and intuitive usability.
  • File uploads Enrich ideas with content, video, drawings, graphs.
  • Communication tools and suggestion management Evaluate the right ideas for the problem at hand, mix and match a variety of evaluation tools in the platform.
  • Gamification features Recognize and reward individuals and ideas with gamification that boosts engagement. Voting on ideas can be managed in a fun, interactive way.
  • Discussion management An iterative process and testing can take off once ideas are organized categorically.
  • Project boards for ideas and topics Storing, sharing, and managing the team’s collective knowledge centrally makes things easier to categorize and locate.
  • Mind maps The whole idea of mind mapping is to encourage a free flow of ideas. It’s a powerful technique that helps team members visualize their thoughts in a tangible way which can then be communicated to the rest of the team.
  • Group-based moderation Online idea management enables your team to brainstorm and plan together in real-time, no matter where people are or which device they’re using.
  • Content filters Filters surface the right ideas at the right time to the right people.
  • Email management  In-app communication eliminates the confusion of emails missed or lost across different platforms.
  • Android and iOS integration Ideas can be submitted from any device using mobile devices or computers without the need to install apps.
  • Graphic view of idea funnels An idea pipeline that shows more than just the number of ideas. Analyze the real value of ideas captured, selected, and rejected.
  • Configurable polls 
  • Activity streams and integration with social-media 
  • Customizable alerts 

HeroX is a company founded on the concept that society is transformed by great ideas. Once we let those ideas out, it’s amazing to see how the right collaborators and the right tools can shape raw ideas and turn them into amazing realities.