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Over at HeroX, we celebrate world changing opportunities on a daily basis. Fall is just starting in our neck of the woods and with the change of season, we ask you to fall into changing the world through some of the incredible challenges we are serving up over the next few months.
Innovation Hero Fred Briggs explores open innovation, equity crowdsourcing, and making an impact in the industrial robotics industry.
Explore ways that you can leverage crowd engineering in product design
Join Adam Olsen and Nicola Bates as they delve into the world of innovation at Boeing and how she is building a community of trusted innovators who must rapidly (and viably) soar to new heights in aerospace.
Harry Malins is the Chief Innovation Officer at the Aerospace Technology Institute and is leading his team’s innovation efforts to decarbonize the aerospace industry and achieve net zero by 2050.  Tune in to discover the full approach they are taking to achieve this ambitious goal.
This is an explanatory article on the Metaverse. It describes the Metaverse as a collective virtual shared space created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space.
Producing trash is inevitable, but the challenges of disposal become greater as space exploration moves into deep space. Long-term space travel requires that astronauts recycle their waste as much as possible and only jettison the trash out of an airlock when it is necessary.
Sending astronauts to Mars is hard to pull off, but not impossible. However, there are many challenges that need to be tackled in order to make a mission to Mars successful. This article highlights just three of the many considerations that need to be addressed in order to go deeper into space.
People in Pittsburgh (fondly referred to as “the Burgh” by locals) do things just a bit differently. Whether it's putting french fries on sandwiches …
A NASA challenge has been launched to seek ideas for handling waste during a crewed Mars mission. Submarines may have some lessons with regards to waste. Let's dive into what we can learn!