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Novartis is excited to announce their next crowdsourcing initiative, Improving the Patient Experience in Receiving Specialty Medications! Background:…
Innovation challenges are finding their place in healthcare, data science, renewable energy and more! You’ve likely heard of smart homes and other ‘s…
HeroX's favorite challenges: Space Poop Challenge, Save them All Challenge, Aging Innovation Challenge, Next Generation Animal Tracking Ideation
What can we learn from Robert Thurow's book The First 1,000 Days? We all have the ability to affect the changes, if not the incentive to do so.
Oct. 27, 2017, 12:58 p.m. PDT

by Nick
Are you ready to make a significant difference in the course of history? All it takes is a challenge.
Geographic’s Chasing Genius Challenge: At National Geographic, we believe transformational ideas can come from anywhere. From anyone. CHASING GENIUS, a new digital community designed to inspire, ignite, and enable the genius inside each of us.
Virtual reality is making an impact on the news, bringing you more immersive stories from around the world. It's a good thing - right?
The ultimate guide to working from home. It includes: what you’ll need to get started and a list of tips and tricks to do the best job possible.
First responders put their lives on the line for us - can you help them stay safer and be more effective on the job?
Meet the four innovators who are trying to change the world for the better with their XPRIZE 2017 Grand Challenges.

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