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Innovation challenges are finding their place in healthcare, data science, renewable energy and more! You’ve likely heard of smart homes and other ‘s…
For any organization, being part of the innovation ecosystem implies the ability to work with a wide range of partners, including customers, suppliers, academic institutions, startups, and government agencies. More and more often, it also implies working with the organization’s competitors.
The organizations that are new to the structured innovation process - or the ones that experience troubles in running effective innovation programs - may consider a solution that may look deceptively simple and yet prove to be surprisingly effective: to create a corporate Innovation Charter.
Ideas are no longer the precious commodities of experts, researchers, and PhDs. Open innovation has leveled the playing field by opening up the channels for breakthrough ideas and the exchange of knowledge and proprietary assets.
Crowdsourcing has gained impressive traction as a corporate tool over the last decade - and not just a tool just for big organizations but also SMEs.
See 5 examples of crowdsourcing projects NASA has run either on or outside of the HeroX platform to solve their most interesting problems.
Left unchecked, online content has the power to create and destroy. What is the origin of the problem? Can we develop solutions to solve it? HeroX leverages the power of the crowd to solve big challenges and is turning to experts like Jesse McCrosky to turn up the volume on important topics.
Two of the world’s leading crowdsourcing experts, Ideanco and HeroX, have joined forces to solve prominent challenges affecting humanity. This strategic partnership will not only provide solutions for global challenges but will seed startup companies from within the Ideanco Lab.
Hugo Shelley lives in the world of problem solving. With six HeroX challenge wins under his belt, Hugo's mission is to find solutions to big problems, using new technology, design, and collaborative thinking.
Who: Georgia Mihalcea - What: Host & Producer at "We Are Solvers" - Hero of: Patterns For Success (Culture Segment) - Where: Bucharest, Romania

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