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Christian Cotichini has over 20 years of experience personally leading startup and high growth technology companies. He is also a successful angel in…
The HeroX team is 100% remote with core team members operating from 3 countries and as many time zones. Sharing the secrets to our success through innovation, results only work environment, crowdsourcing, remote work culture, technology, gig economy, 3hag, 12 week plan and more.
The future of work is “hyperspecialization.” One of the biggest challenges is that the labour market, though it has advanced, still operates from an outdated paradigm. Companies need to rethink the user experience and how they find people to do work for them.
Crowdsourcing uses a global network to increase a company’s rate of innovation. You don't need to be an expert to crowdsource successfully, use HeroX!
Data breaches are a major concern for companies which is why many are turning to crowdsourcing to find weaknesses before they can be exposed.
Is the Era of Automation here?AI & Robotics (AKA Automation) & Technological Unemployment Should we be worried about the rise of Technological Unempl…
UNICEF and Socialab announced finalists in their First 72 Hours challenge. HeroX launched ImagineX Challenge to identify 10 challenges in the world.
How was The Great Pyramid built? Add 3-5% water per volume of sand, it creates a fine line - loose sand and mud, cuts frictional resistance in half.
NASA: the Sky is the limit in crowdsourcing. NASA uses the Centennial Challenges and Sky for All Challenge to spark innovation. Details inside
Imagine a world where people (and managers) are driven by positive expectations? where people feel free to share ideas freely? Imagine how that world would generate positive experiences more frequently, and widely accessible. That's exactly the mentality it takes to win at crowdsourcing.

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