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Properly fitting clothing and protective gear is important for mental health, safety, and workplace productivity. The issue of diverse body shapes could be addressed through crowdsourcing and prize challenges.
Producing trash is inevitable, but the challenges of disposal become greater as space exploration moves into deep space. Long-term space travel requires that astronauts recycle their waste as much as possible and only jettison the trash out of an airlock when it is necessary.
Sending astronauts to Mars is hard to pull off, but not impossible. However, there are many challenges that need to be tackled in order to make a mission to Mars successful. This article highlights just three of the many considerations that need to be addressed in order to go deeper into space.
The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how market and business models can change in an instant. Companies unable to adapt and respond to change often don’t survive. Yet some companies utilized the pandemic as an opportunity to innovate and offer their customers more value. Let’s review three of them.
Today, on International Women's Day 2022, we wanted to talk about a system that is designed to minimize the prevalence of gender bias, stereotypes, and inequality. Find out how crowdsourcing can help #breakthebias
Taking out the trash is something we do on a regular basis on Earth, but what happens when you’re in outer space? How is waste managed or better yet, how is it utilized as a resource to support longer space missions? Learn what NASA’s been doing with discarded trash, and how you can get involved.
The goal of achieving ‘net zero’ in humanity’s carbon emissions has long been sought after. In the past decade, the need to capture or reuse carbon a…
A large number of businesses are putting themselves at risk of going under due to lack of innovation. Are you one of them? Discover what could be blocking your business growth and success, and which innovative methods you can apply to avoid the pitfalls
Learn more about the current methods of monitoring electrical cables underground and the biggest issues associated with maintaining them.
Achieving net carbon zero across sectors is imperative, but what about water? Singapore’s national water agency, PUB, thinks though the water sector is a small GHG contributor it should not be forgotten. Learn the importance of addressing carbon emissions in the water sector.