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Set your crowdsourcing project away from the rest with these ideas on how to structure it.
Crowdsourcing uses a global network to increase a company’s rate of innovation. You don't need to be an expert to crowdsource successfully, use HeroX!
New research: The wisdom of crowds is more robust than previously thought — it can even withstand the groupthink of similar-minded people
Is the Era of Automation here?AI & Robotics (AKA Automation) & Technological Unemployment Should we be worried about the rise of Technological Unempl…
How do you build a challenge on Herox? What's the connection to The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves?
Imagine a world where people (and managers) are driven by positive expectations? where people feel free to share ideas freely? Imagine how that world would generate positive experiences more frequently, and widely accessible. That's exactly the mentality it takes to win at crowdsourcing.
Ameritas’ Innovation Challenge was meant for Internal innovation purposes, open only to employees for ideas on how to increase sales or growth.
The Creative Crowd: Here are a few examples of how companies and governments have utilized the power of the crowd for design
Curating your crowd in 3 simple ways. It's doable. Social media ad campaign. Email relevant publications. Attend in-person events
Large companies struggle to create disruptive innovations internally. Crowdsourcing uses global network effects to increase the rate of innovation.

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