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The catfish industry has had its ups and downs but remains one of the most important aquaculture industries in the US. Recent technological advancements have increased productivity, but catfish farmers still face significant challenges.
There is already a long list ofweird stuff that has been sent into space . Some were pranks, others were more serious, but all provided valuable inf…
I’m really amused by how many people claim that their best creative ideas come to them in the shower. What is so special about the shower being a cradle of creative ideas?
Listen to our recent podcast recording with Dyan Finkhousen and Geoff Parker. Dyan is the Founder and CEO of Shoshin Works and Geoff Parker, co-author of Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy - And How to Make Them Work for You.
Crowdsourcing has long been recognized as an effective tool for creating new and exciting consumer products. A growing body of evidence, however, indicates that this approach has a capacity of successfully addressing the most daunting challenges facing humanity.
A panel interview with Innovation Experts; HeroX, XPRIZE, BurstIQ, and Topcoder as they tackle grand challenges and innovating with COVID-19 pandemic at the top of the list.
Necessity is the mother of all inventions. In this new age of hyper online sharing, we can find some exciting, innovative solutions to our problems, and in very creative ways from our social networks and the hive mind.
Listen to our interview with Debbie Brodt-Giles from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory about the American-Made Challenges and how they are crowdsourcing innovations in solar, wind and more!
The rapidly changing business landscape has made it impossible for organizations to stay competitive while relying only on internal R&D. To maintain pace, organizations must include elements of open innovation in their organizational innovation toolboxes, but “closed” innovation hasn’t disappeared.
Diversity is more than just being about race, ethnicity, and gender. Beliefs, education, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientation, cultures, and disabilities enrich the business environment and fuel innovation. Building a diverse and inclusive workforce is critically important to businesses.