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Innovation knows no boundaries. It can emerge from any corner of the globe and from people of all ages. Blazing Trails, a new innovator story series, celebrates the remarkable individuals who are making a name for themselves as innovators.
Get a direct view into the world of open innovation and crowdsourcing and its immense transformative power in driving innovation and solving complex challenges at large Federal organizations, such as NASA.
Innovator series, Blazing Trails, showcases innovators from all walks of life. In this segment, we feature Noris Rosario, a member of the HeroX community who has a serious passion for low-carbon renewable emerging technologies using fluid dynamics.
HeroX's Culture of Innovation: Living our Core Values
Discover the top 5 crowdfunding models to fuel your innovative projects. From rewards to equity, explore the best ways to fund your dreams.
Discover the groundbreaking world of open innovation and problem-solving with HeroX, led by visionary CEO Kal K. Sahota.
Madhav Sharma went from winning the NASA Lunar Loo Jr Challenge at age 15 to his acceptance into the Jerome Fisher M&T Program. A testament to the immense potential unlocked by the HeroX community.
Unlock your startup's potential with these 5 innovative financing models, including getting innovative with equity crowdfunding.
Discover the 7 reasons why crowdsourcing can help your company generate innovative ideas, complete tasks efficiently, and access a wider pool of talent.
Education in the Age of the Crowd: The Impact of Open Innovation