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Virtual Reality has the highest projected potential for growth in the technology world given how it’s already impacting our lives and how it could be utilized in the future. This article summarizes why VR is the leading technology of the era.
For decades, humans have been captivated by the red planet and what it can teach us about our history and future. But getting to a planet deep in the solar system and safely home again is no easy feat. NASA is seeking the best and brightest minds to help them prepare test subjects for the journey.
Do you ever wonder how you prepare a person for an experience like no other? In recent years, Virtual Reality (VR) has become the leading training tool in many organizations. NASA has been using VR in training for decades but is looking to take it one step further with the NASA MarsXR Challenge.
In 2020 as part of the Centennial Challenges Program , NASA’s Watts on the Moon Challenge was announced on the HeroX website . The mission: to find…
Producing trash is inevitable, but the challenges of disposal become greater as space exploration moves into deep space. Long-term space travel requires that astronauts recycle their waste as much as possible and only jettison the trash out of an airlock when it is necessary.
Sending astronauts to Mars is hard to pull off, but not impossible. However, there are many challenges that need to be tackled in order to make a mission to Mars successful. This article highlights just three of the many considerations that need to be addressed in order to go deeper into space.
Taking out the trash is something we do on a regular basis on Earth, but what happens when you’re in outer space? How is waste managed or better yet, how is it utilized as a resource to support longer space missions? Learn what NASA’s been doing with discarded trash, and how you can get involved.
A NASA challenge has been launched to seek ideas for handling waste during a crewed Mars mission. Submarines may have some lessons with regards to waste. Let's dive into what we can learn!
The next frontier of space voyage is targeting missions that would take years to complete. A lean, efficient mission is imperative if NASA is going to get astronauts deeper into space. What can we learn from these missions? Discover two circular economy solutions the space economy will teach us.
NASA’s Artemis Base Camp will be a permanent outpost at the lunar south pole supported by logistical delivery systems developed by citizen science space innovators as part of the NASA Lunar Delivery Challenge