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Let's explore manhole safety around conducting underground cable inspection! This week's post highlights some of the general risks of working in a manhole.
Learn more about the current methods of monitoring electrical cables underground and the biggest issues associated with maintaining them.
DLC is excited to announce that their crowdsourcing competition, Monitoring Electrical Cable Challenge is officially open and accepting submissions! Innovative minds from across the world are invited to participate in this new and challenging project.
Innovation challenges are finding their place in healthcare, data science, renewable energy and more! You’ve likely heard of smart homes and other ‘s…
XPRIZE Visioneering brings together CEOs, world leaders, philanthropists, and thought leaders who care about going from success to significance.
National Geographic’s Chasing Genius Challenge. The challenge: Make the planet more sustainable, improve the health of people around the globe and feed a future population of 9 billion. Blog update. Read all inside.