Crowdsourcing for Smart Cities

BY LIZ TREADWELL | 1 min read

Innovation challenges are finding their place in healthcare, data science, renewable energy and more! You’ve likely heard of smart homes and other ‘smart’ gadgets, but have you thought about applying this technology to an entire metro area? This is where smart cities come in and how crowdsourcing is contributing.

A smart city is an urban area that uses information and communication technology, IoT and other sensors or devices to collect data and effectively manage resources based on this data (1). Such resources include waste management, traffic and public transportation, schools, crime prevention and so on. Amsterdam, New York City, and Taipei are just a few examples of major cities that have adopted some form of smart technology into their municipality.

Where does crowdsourcing fit into all of this? In our experience, innovation hubs, companies and city governments have used HeroX’s crowdsourcing platform to seek innovative ideas focused on one area of smart city development. For example, communications company, Deutsche Telekom, ran a challenge to create digital services that would help make smart cities more livable for citizens. They focused mainly on those citizens living with disadvantages (e.g. elderly populations or those with a physical disability). Winning solutions included remote road monitoring to detect potholes and other street damage in real time, AI and GPS bus tracking to accurately predict arrival times and plan bus resourcing, and a smart city assistant to help newcomers navigate around their new home in any language.

Other examples of smart city challenges include:

The great thing is, you don’t have to be a large organization to start getting ideas to make your city “smarter”. It’s a great way to get your community to start brainstorming in creative ways!

Not sure where to start? We’re more than happy to help! Schedule your free challenge workshop at your convenience here.



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