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Two of the world’s leading crowdsourcing experts, Ideanco and HeroX, have joined forces to solve prominent challenges affecting humanity. This strategic partnership will not only provide solutions for global challenges but will seed startup companies from within the Ideanco Lab.
Who: Georgia Mihalcea - What: Host & Producer at "We Are Solvers" - Hero of: Patterns For Success (Culture Segment) - Where: Bucharest, Romania
HeroX shines a spotlight on the pioneers of Innovation, Crowdsourcing, the Future of Work and more, bringing you the People, Insights and Information that will make YOU the expert on powering up your Innovation Strategy with Crowd Platforms. Hear from Jeremy Gutsche, Dave Messinger, Epi Ludvik...
AUDIO: The core of our business is to help everybody find their hero’s journey. The labor market is transforming, the race is on for everyone to find their true talent and an application for it. Have a listen to Christian Cotichini's Q&A session at Crowdsourcing Week 2019 talking about this subject.
Ed Wong is HeroX's newest Relationship Manager
5 steps to creating an innovation challenge: challenge type, challenge overview, problem statement, prize, timeline. HeroX crowdsourcing
These 10 talks will provide you a guiding light in almost every area of life.
XPRIZE Visioneering brings together CEOs, world leaders, philanthropists, and thought leaders who care about going from success to significance.
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Culture can and will make-or-break your company; here are three essential beliefs for a stable, supportive, and creative work environment.