Maximize Your Submissions with Leo Chan's Ideation Techniques: Learn, Ideate, and Win!

BY GINA SPARROW | 1 min read

Hit the replay on this electrifying 30-minute webinar with innovation whiz Leo Chan, founder of Abound Innovation Inc. This session was all about turbocharging your creativity to generate a wave of fresh, innovative ideas in no time!

Webinar Recap

During this interactive deep dive, Leo led participants through a step-by-step process adopted by leading companies and startups worldwide to produce transformative ideas by using creative triggers to ignite idea generation.

This session was perfect for everyone, from those participating in innovation challenges, looking to level up their ideation skills, to beginners just dipping their toes in the creative waters. The key takeaway? An out-of-the-box approach using the Worst Idea Ever prompt for generating standout ideas, setting you apart from the rest. 

If you didn't catch it live, no worries! The replay is right here, ready to arm you with invaluable knowledge to ace any creative challenge. 

Tune in now and start your ideation journey! 

🔉 Click to listen 👇


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