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Virtual Reality has the highest projected potential for growth in the technology world given how it’s already impacting our lives and how it could be utilized in the future. This article summarizes why VR is the leading technology of the era.
For decades, humans have been captivated by the red planet and what it can teach us about our history and future. But getting to a planet deep in the solar system and safely home again is no easy feat. NASA is seeking the best and brightest minds to help them prepare test subjects for the journey.
This is an explorative article on the application of Metaverse by various industries. It seeks to understand the creative use of virtual and augmented reality in improving customer experience and enhancing training across industries
This is an explanatory article on the Metaverse. It describes the Metaverse as a collective virtual shared space created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space.
Do you ever wonder how you prepare a person for an experience like no other? In recent years, Virtual Reality (VR) has become the leading training tool in many organizations. NASA has been using VR in training for decades but is looking to take it one step further with the NASA MarsXR Challenge.
For Pittsburgh's residents and visitors, the annual illumination of the Tree of Lights marked the unofficial start of the holiday season. Despite bei…
People in Pittsburgh (fondly referred to as “the Burgh” by locals) do things just a bit differently. Whether it's putting french fries on sandwiches …
Hugo Shelley lives in the world of problem solving. With six HeroX challenge wins under his belt, Hugo's mission is to find solutions to big problems, using new technology, design, and collaborative thinking.
Who: Georgia Mihalcea - What: Host & Producer at "We Are Solvers" - Hero of: Patterns For Success (Culture Segment) - Where: Bucharest, Romania
The Creative Crowd: Here are a few examples of how companies and governments have utilized the power of the crowd for design