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Hugo Shelley lives in the world of problem solving. With six HeroX challenge wins under his belt, Hugo's mission is to find solutions to big problems, using new technology, design, and collaborative thinking.
Who: Georgia Mihalcea - What: Host & Producer at "We Are Solvers" - Hero of: Patterns For Success (Culture Segment) - Where: Bucharest, Romania
The Creative Crowd: Here are a few examples of how companies and governments have utilized the power of the crowd for design
Challenge designer, MacKenzie, provides a summary of HeroX in 2018 to the tune of 'The 12 Days of Christmas'. Enjoy!
This article was selected as a winner of the Crowd Content - Feed the HeroX Blog! Challenge.
In a world where being cool takes effort; the crowd has saved us the work.
Announcing the winners of the 2017 Dronestagram Contest!
This is a crowdsourcing platform using their own crowdsourcing platform to crowdsource blog posts about crowdsourcing.
Virtual reality is making an impact on the news, bringing you more immersive stories from around the world. It's a good thing - right?
Sebastián Auyanet, Journalist, editor at El Observador (Uruguay) tells about how and why he uses crowdsourcing at his job as an investigative journalist.