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CLIMATHON DUBAI - First in the Middle East

CLIMATHON DUBAI - First in the Middle East

Ideanco is presenting CLIMATHON DUBAI, the first in the Middle East, it will take place on June 30 -July 1, 2019, in Dubai. Read Overview...
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Ideanco is presenting CLIMATHON DUBAI, a hackathon like and the first in the Middle East, it will take place on June 30 -July 1, 2019, at AREA 2071, Emirates Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 


CLIMATHON DUBAI brings together the challenges of the UAE with the local innovators who have the passion, expertise, and capability to crack them and come up with an actual solution full of impactful benefits for the community locally, regionally and globally. https://ideanco.com/disruption/climathon/

Chosen cohorts of innovators to tackle the set challenges for a full 24-hours at AREA 2071, before pitching their ideas in front of relevant and well-respected judges coming from the climate change, food security, renewable energy, and relevant industry. These ideas can develop into tangible sustainable solutions, projects and potential startups that address not only the UAE climate challenges and food security but also cities across the globe.


The Problems

  1. Biodiversity
  2. Air Pollution
  3. Sea Level Rise

Contestants can choose either one of the problems or all of the problems. Ideanco to work closely with the contestants on choosing the correct problem


The Challenge Breakthrough

24 HOURS - To come up with solutions for the UAE challenges

DATASET - Provided by ideanco. Harvard Business School Aerospace Alumni Association

OVER 100 INNOVATORS - From the region

COACHES AND MENTORS - Provided by Ideanco, YAL and AREA 2071

PRIZES - For the top teams to be part of "ideanco virtual incubator" program


What You Can Do To Cause A Breakthrough

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Supporting and inspiring the next generation of innovators in the field of Climate Change, while building strong relationships with future leaders of the industry.



Investing in a generation of future engineers, developers, and entrepreneurs. As leaders in the field, you will have the chance to shape the skill set and career trajectory of a tomorrow’s innovator.



Attracting innovators from Physics, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Math, Philosophy, Cognitive Science and more...

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