SolarWindow -transparent solar cell

We have developed a way to print windows with built-in solar panels. Solar light is 53% composed of infrared light, which we do not see, but feel like heat. This infrared light is separated from visible light when it enters the window and is directed to solar panels, located as blinds inside the window. Visible light passes inside. The optical system practically does not distort light, distortions can be minimized
In this case, an optical system is used to divide and redirect infrared light and solar cells with enhanced absorption in the IR region.
Measurements of power versus angle were also carried out, at angles of about 20 degrees the power drops by 15%

The conversion efficiency of infrared light is 11%, it can be increased to 16-17%. This is about 110 watts per square meter of double-glazed windows. Transparency for visible light is 90.5% perpendicular, and about 78% at an angle of 45-60 degrees, the window changes its color from blue to burgundy at an angle. You can make a drawing that will not be visible at small viewing angles to the window, but visible on reflection when looking obliquely at the glass. In the future, we plan to increase transparency for visible light.
If we take the area of Burj El Khalifa, an area of 334,000 m², then, considering that on average only half the building, then 110x334000 / 2, there will be 18.37 MW, and for the light day there will be 367.400 kWh.
The peak consumption of the tower is 30-50 MW, that is, the window can provide up to 50% of the energy of the glass building
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