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Meet HeroX’s Newest Relationship Manager, Ed Wong!

BY LIZ TREADWELL | 2 min read

If you run a crowdsourcing project on HeroX, you will more than likely speak to one of our wonderful relationship managers on the Possibilities team. This team of go-getters are the ones who help you figure out how open innovation and the HeroX platform can be best utilized given your unique situation. We’ve recently expanded this team by bringing on a driven, customer-focused sales veteran and we’d like you to meet him. Introducing the newest HeroXer, Ed!

Ed brings nearly 15 years of previous sales experience to our company, with most of his time spent in managerial roles overseeing national accounts and mentoring sales teams. His ability to achieve results while building strong relationships matches perfectly with the goals of our Possibilities team. Like many HeroXers, Ed primarily worked for large corporations before landing in our start-up environment. Why did he make the transition? It’s simple: HeroX’s core values and culture.

Ed recalls, “For me, what I have learned over the years in sales is...if the leadership team pushes against your values or you are unhappy with the style of culture and management; it makes for a long day and difficult to gain business when you are internally struggling with yourself. Customers can sense if you are really there for them or it’s just a sales meeting and you are pushing services.” When interviewing with HeroX, it was clear through the questions that were asked and who was involved with the hiring process that the culture fit was important. Especially given the stark differences between the corporate world and start ups, you must be able to keep up with constant change and align with the overall mission. Ed has eagerly embraced both.

The other aspect that made the transition to HeroX appealing was the overall idea of using crowdsourcing to solve problems. Working at Monster and selling their recruitment products was quite different compared to selling the experience of sourcing solutions through this intangible group called “the crowd”. However, Ed sees the impact crowdsourcing can make. “When there are thousands of active challenges, anyone from any walk of life, educated or not, from anywhere in the world will have the same opportunity and a level playing field to earn extra income via the prize incentive. It will not matter who you are but what your idea and solution were. This in my opinion is how crowdsourcing could impact the world in a positive way.”

Outside of HeroX, Ed is an avid golfer and enjoys traveling as well as other activities with his family of four. He obtained a Marketing Certificate from Kwantlen University, received MEDDIC sales training and lots of valuable guidance from mentors over the years. Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled to have Ed in the HeroX family! If you’re interested in speaking to him about using open innovation to crowdsource ideas or other solutions, fill out our contact us form here.

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