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Core Values & Culture | HeroX

Hungry to Learn and Grow
Discover Over Create
You grow by learning and applying
Abundance Mindset
Your future is bigger than your past
Continual Improvement
You improve by capturing discoveries into systems
Manage Systems
Not people – if it's not a system or not measured, it didn't happen
The path to being a great master is being a great student
Say Yes
You get out of your comfort zone and support others to do so
Bring it on!
You act unreasonably understanding all progress comes from being unreasonable
You say what you think even if it's uncomfortable and request that others do the same
You question actions inconsistent with our values and request others to do the same
Do it anyways
Amateurs wait for inspiration; pros do it with a headache
Positive Fun
You live life as a game that's played best when you are having FUN
Happiness First
You know that happiness precedes success
Enjoy the journey
The journey is the destination
Make it Fun
You strive to make things fun for those you work with
Be → Do → Have
You know the path to success is to live Be → Do → Have
Unique Ability ®*
You strive to live within your UA
* Unique Ability® is a registered trademark, protected by copyright and an integral concept of The Strategic Coach, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with written permission. strategiccoach.com
Keep activities and collaboration focused on the target outcomes
Law of Least Effort
You work in a relaxed and easy way and leave space for others to be the same
Progress not Perfection
You can always make progress... perfection is HARD
We Serve
We create value for others. We make it about them, not about us
Be Wrong
You celebrate being wrong: "You can always be right or get results"
Team First
We succeed and fail together as one team
Listen First
We listen and understand before we talk
Be a Multiplier
We are committed to the best in each of us