Crowdsourcing One Whole Hipster Life

Some of us have done a decent job on faking hipster-credibility. The hipster life takes research to execute flawlessly, and we’re just not ready to say we’re not on trend. Thankfully, the crowd took over and solved our problems of how to be a hipster.  We’ve taken the time to gather all the required steps to crafting one whole perfect hipster life.

Crowdsourced Hipster Essentials

1. Getting Obscure tattoos

Most hipsters have tattoos. Sometimes they are beautiful works of art, others they are entirely ironic ‘trash tattoos.' If you have tried to build this new life on your own, you know that finding a designer for the perfect-less-than-perfect tattoo takes time and effort.  Thankfully the crowd can help you out!  Instead of spending your days looking through portfolios, Instagrams, or popping in and out of tattoo-shops, Create My Tattoo is the solution for crowdsourcing that Happy Taco tattoo you’ve always wanted. All you have to do is create a contest and pick a prize, you’ll receive 10+ designs, and you pick one and go! So no matter which hipster aesthetic, you know you’re going to leave with a pretty bomb dot com tatty. Did I use that right? 

2. Having intriguing hobbies

We’re not sure why but hipsters tend to make and drink a lot of beer. So thankfully you can brew your pass time from the crowd. Mobcraft Beer takes submitted ideas and turns them into the brewski of your dreams. Presently they have unusual flavors like Jalapeno Hopper with Jalapeno and Lime or WakeUp IPA for those coffee lovers. So whether you like to drink what the crowd has built, or submit your radical ideas- Mobcraft has you covered. Plus there is nothing hipster than saying “I knew about fennel pomegranate beer before it was even a thing.” 

*Bonus: Musically inclined hipsters can crowdsource their songwriting just like Crowdsound, and end up as the next Julia Holter. Yes, we did Google "who is the most hipster band?” and sciences tell us that Julia fits the bill.

3. Living in the right hood  

We refuse to give up the avocado toast to buy prime real estate according to some business-know-it-alls, so it’s crucial that we find the right neighborhoods that suites our budget and lifestyle. Hoodmaps gave us exactly what we needed.  This crowdsourced map gives you both the details you want to know and the details you never needed. Goodbye trial and error leases, now your hipster self can pick the perfect neighborhood. 



And there you have it! One-whole-crowdsourced-hipster-life is at your fingertips. From your looks, career, and where you should be resting your head at night - the crowd has got your covered. These three are only a few of the fantastic, and random crowdsource projects that exist to solve real-life daily problems. 
Can you think of anything in your life, you’d love to have crowdsourced? Comment below and let us know!

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  • Dwight Huth June 1, 2018, 7:48 a.m. PDT
    3D Printed tattoos. With the success of 3D Printing why not take it to the next level and create tattoos with the same 3D printers that use needle and ink instead of carbon composites?

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