Maximize Your HeroX Persona
BY NICK | 2 min read

The HeroX site gives you the opportunity to meet, collaborate, and compete with many of the brightest minds in the world. If you believe you can solve a problem, this is the arena where you can prove yourself (and win a bit of money, too.) If you want to forge a solution, HeroX allows you to frame a problem, build a community, and lure the best ideas to the surface. However, before any of that is indeed possible, it is important for the community to know who you are and how you are capable. So let's show them, shall we?

The Basics

Let's start with the fundamentals of any profile - these are things you want to complete ASAP. 

  • real name (this can be hidden)
  • nickname (optional)
  • profile photo
  • location
  • email address
  • short bio

While it is simple, not everyone takes the time to complete them. However, take this advice, and just get it done. Remember, everyone from world-class scientists and policy makers to tech CEOs and other (well-funded, well-connected) people are looking at them. What do these people have in common? Often the hope of finding “the one[s]” who can solve their most pressing problems.

Your profile can stand pretty well with just the above list complete. That being said, this is a case of "more is better"  -- and there's a lot more to a HeroX profile than just cute faces and some basic data points.

Next Level Profile

Just think of it this way: Even if you do not win your first competition, your HeroX profile might just win you a life-changing opportunity. Whether you connect with other innovators to collaborate-- or sponsors and subject matter experts draft you onto their team. Let the HeroX community know how you are set to improve the world!

Here's what you are looking at to really upgrade your public image:

  • social media
  • roles
  • work history



Let's talk about roles for a moment. The available roles at HeroX include Blogger, Crowdsourcing Consultant, HeroXpert, Innovator, Judge, Sponsor, and SuperHero.

Blogger role is just what it sounds like. Enjoy what you are reading -- or think you can do better? List yourself as a Blogger, and we will be in touch to get your work featured right here on the HeroX blog!

  • Crowdsourcing Consultant role consists of lending expertise in the world of crowdsourcing to the sponsors on our platform. Have an affinity for all things innovation, are you a budding futurist? Maybe you have experience with an amazing Kickstarter or IndieGoGo project? You could be the one to design the HeroX crowdsourcing project -- but not if you do not list it as a role! 
  • HeroXpert is our fancy way of saying "subject matter expert." If you have got tons of knowledge or experience in a specialized field -- congrats, you are a HeroXpert! We might tap you for assistance on serious, technical challenges related to various crowdsourcing projects by putting you in touch with their sponsors. Don't be shy now, tell us what you know!
  • Judge is a rather self-explanatory role. We have competitions for the best solutions, but we need judges to determine which one is the best. If this is something you would like to take a stab at, make it one of your roles, and we will try and find a good fit for you. 


  • Sponsor role is also very straightforward. Maybe you have got the monetary resources, but are desperately in need of some innovation in your world? You would make a great sponsor! Let us know that you are looking for ideas to back (or maybe you have one of your own) and we will find somewhere for you to contribute (or buy-in!)
  • SuperHero role is for the overachiever in all of us. Want to compete in multiple crowdsourcing projects? Plan to? Have you already?? Fantastic! Make it known that you go above and beyond the regular HeroX "call of duty" by showing off your "Super" status. 

Don’t Be Shy

This is HeroX, not ZeroX. Humility has its time and place, but here is not it! Feel free to brag a little, strut your stuff, and put your best face forward to the crowdsourcing community! Also, don’t forget to connect your LinkedIn, your Twitter, your Google+ -- and yes, even your Facebook. Throwing in some work history and interests are extra credit, but they help other users know what you are all about. 

Good luck, everyone, and keep on keeping on! 

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