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Seeds of Disruption: Future Technology Revolutionizing Food Systems
BY HIRO BATSU | 1 min read

When we think about infrastructure, it's easy to overlook the critical role it plays in the way we eat. While we might think about whether our whether our food is local, fresh, healthy, or delicious -- we're not often taking note of the hundreds of hours of production, processing, distribution, and how intensely these functions rely on utilities, trucking, and centralized facilities. Without solid infrastructure, food wouldn't make it to the grocery store -- or your plate. 

Like most things, technology is evolving to meet greater needs, and ultimately re-write the many "hows" of our food system in the US. This is great news, as we're pretty long overdue for an update and some increased efficiency.  If you go 
here, you can see a map which details technological developments that will change the production, distribution, sale, and consumption of food across the world.

Presented by Rebecca Chesney and her Food Futures Labthis map will show you emerging technologies that will enhance your life and developments which could use your input and creativity.

Where could you contribute?


  1. Urban Agriculture
  2. No Soil Indoor Agriculture
  3. Meat Substitutes


  1. Small Scale Aggregation
  2. Food Hubs
  3. Regulating Speculators


  1. Drone Delivery
  2. Predictive Grocery Apps
  3. Automated Ordering


  1. Wifi Shielded Eating
  2. 100% Synthetic
  3. Quantified Eating Speed

There you have it, some pretty wild ideas, but no doubt some of them will prove to be truly disruptive. No matter the field, we're all set to benefit from rapid adoption of superior consumer technology. On second though - was anything missing from this map, and what improvements might you make to the indispensable infrastructure that keeps us all fed?

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