The HeroX Spotlight Series: Introducing Adam Olsen

BY JODIE WOZNIAK | 1 min read


Meet our newest, but no less important, HeroXer and Adam Olsen. As our Possibilities Manager, Adam connects the outside world to HeroX. If you have a problem you’re seeking a solution for he’s likely your first stop in that discovery process. 

Adam joined HeroX with a background in marketing and finance in various customer-facing roles. He always had a fascination with startups which is what eventually led him to the Venture for Canada program, and ultimately here with us. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping clients succeed which has made him an incredible asset to the HeroX team.

How does Adam feel about being a part of HeroX?

“Once I wrapped my head around the world of open innovation and prize challenges I found it very intriguing and knew I wanted to be a part of helping people understand and leverage the power of crowdsourcing. It's so hard to choose just one thing but I love how confident everyone is in each other. The team works so well together because we know where we're going, what we each need to do to get there, and we have the confidence that everyone is going to take care of their tasks. It's such an empowering work environment to be given so much freedom and support.”

When Adam isn’t connecting the world to our community of innovators he is all about being active, like going to the gym, training Ju-Jitsu, or joining beer league sports teams. He also really enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible, whether that's going snowboarding, scuba diving, or getting out four-wheeling, exploring nature provides a great escape.


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