The HeroX Spotlight Series: Introducing Shane Jenkins

BY JODIE WOZNIAK | 1 min read


We are excited to introduce you to our ever-so-reliable Project Manager, Shane Jenkins. As part of our Challenge Success team, Shane ensures our clients are set up for success from the minute a project is born and all the way through to a prize being awarded. 

Prior to joining the HeroX team, Shane was a Community Director at the Notre Dame-Newman Centre in beautiful Dublin, Ireland. In his free time, he moonlighted as an innovator, solving challenges as a hobby. His experience as a member of the community has also proven to be a valuable asset when working with our clients. 

Why does Shane enjoy being a part of the HeroX family?

“I was really impressed by the mission that HeroX pursues, to serve both the Challenge Sponsor and the Innovator by nurturing a fair and innovative atmosphere for crowdsourcing. I was also moved by the values the team espoused and their commitment to upholding them. And lastly, I was excited by the HeroX platform, which seemed to make creating high-quality challenges all the more accessible to anyone with the right time and resources. 

I love the willingness of each staff member to step in and help take the helm whenever a fellow HeroXer needs assistance. There is little to no room for 'make wrong' at HeroX. That frees us to be honest about our shortcomings and to instead use that space as an opportunity to recover and lean on the strengths of our fellow team members. We are all invested in seeing a project succeed and sharing the load evenly, not in winning insignificant battles.”

When Shane’s not working, he enjoys sharing all sorts of stunning art with friends. That often means talking about film, music, or great books with people he is close to! When he’s able, Shane loves visiting his friends and family in Italy and Ireland. Those trips have resulted in some of his most cherished memories. He is also our resident foodie, with a love for stellar food, whether it's in the garden, in the kitchen, or at a restaurant.

Shane is an incredible asset not only as a HeroXer but to every client that has the pleasure of working with him on their prize incentive challenge. We are so grateful to have him onboard.

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