Innovate More Effectively by Crowdsourcing Ideas Inside and Outside Your Organization

BY GINA SPARROW | 1 min read

Internal and external crowdsourcing are not mutually exclusive. Used together, they can enable organizations to get better results from their innovation efforts faster, while remaining on budget. In the second part of this two-part joint webinar series, we took a deeper dive into both the Ideawake and HeroX platforms to teach you how to tap into the wisdom of your employee's and the public, in the remote environment.

Coby Skonord (Ideawake) and Christian Cotichini (HeroX) are two crowdsourcing experts passionate about capturing and acting on great ideas, no matter where they come from. Learn about the differences between internal and open innovation—tapping into the wisdom of employees or members of the public—and when to use them together to quickly and effectively reach your organization's innovation goals. 

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We noticed that attendees had a lot of specific questions regarding external crowdsourcing strategy and working through barriers from varying levels of management when implementing internal innovation. As such, Ideawake is offering a free 1-hour deep dive session to anyone who would like to go through their specific obstacles in finer detail. Set up your time for a one-on-one conversation.

HeroX has also included complimentary access to the HeroX Thrive Quotient, which will enable you and your organization to take the first steps towards innovating. The assessment offers a holistic view of an organization's ability to thrive in times of uncertainty, developed by leading experts of human behavior in organizations and the workplace.


Thanks for your interest in our joint webinar with Ideawake + HeroX, and happy innovating! 

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