Novartis launches their next challenge

BY LIZ TREADWELL | 1 min read

Novartis is excited to announce their next crowdsourcing initiative, Improving the Patient Experience in Receiving Specialty Medications!

Background: biologic prescriptions need to be ordered through specialty pharmacies which don’t operate the same as your typical, retail pharmacy. There’s less transparency in this ordering process which can be confusing for the patient. Novartis is trying to make this experience better by crowdsourcing your innovative ideas on how to improve it.

Potential solutions should achieve the following:

  • Track the journey of a biologic prescription and provide status updates to patients on demand
  • Be patient friendly, i.e., usable format, easy accessibility, respects patient privacy
  • Offer a business rationale for specialty pharmacies to participate and share data

Think you have a solution to this challenge? Check out their challenge page to get all the details and sign up to submit!

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