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Throw Away your Resume: Enter the Uncredentialed Marketplace

BY GINA SPARROW | 2 min read

The core of our business is to help everybody find their hero’s journey. 

The labor market is transforming, the race is on for everyone to find their true talent, and an application for it. An opportunity is opening for misfit tinkerers - people who are using their downtime, aka spare cycles, to do things like code, engineer, comment and research - to ride the network effect. The knowledge economy is growing and it represents the greatest hope for pulling everyone into a healthy lifestyle ie. basic needs met, and then some. 


Opening Portals

Right now, without crowdsourcing where are these misfit tinkerers going to go? Where are they going to start? Take the example of ‘Sophia’. She lives in a country without a strong digital economy but she excels at coding. She works in a restaurant and does deliveries at night. With her computer and access to wifi she is able to portal into the global marketplace and change her entire life story. The digital economy is everywhere, if you’re in a wifi zone it’s bouncing off your skull. 


As a social network for innovation, HeroX is fostering the race to the best. We envision a time where everyone can potentially earn a good income by doing something they’re good at, in an uncredentialed marketplace. That’s the key to crowdsourcing, an ‘uncredentialed marketplace’, where the transaction is credentialized but participation is open. 


What Motivates Solvers? 

HeroX’s main focus is caring for and empowering the crowd, and launching opportunities for talented tinkerers to access the “knowledge work” industry like never before. In our current model, contests give people an opportunity to: 

  • punctuate their career,
  • find things they're interested in doing that they care about,
  • differentiate themselves,
  • practice, train & refine skills,
  • network & problem-solve with experts,
  • contribute to the world,
  • transform their communities,
  • bring innovative ideas from the outside in,
  • access new information,
  • promote their work,
  • earn rewards,
  • be known

… and possibly most importantly, to participate. Right now, participation is reported as high in the category of solver motivation. 


We visualize the future as a Digital Liquid Marketplace (DLM), where companies compete for access to the talent; instead of talent competing for positions in companies


Imagine all the People

As crowdsourcing becomes mainstream, it provides an avenue for anybody, anywhere, to shine their brightest, join the knowledge economy and potentially live a life that is full of choice. Helping developing countries join the knowledge economy can solve a huge amount of problems in the world. 


It will be awhile before HeroX will start promising income to the crowd but we will get there. In our success we will enable a global liquid marketplace for knowledge work that transcends geography, and work visa/immigration constraints. It will be authentic, it will be measured, and we will share all the data. 


We are seeding that, catalyzing it, and becoming part of the solution. 


Call to Action

Have a listen to Christian Cotichini's Q&A session at Crowdsourcing Week 2019.



Bonus: Here's a little blast from to last year's talk at Crowdsourcing Week 2018


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