Crowdsourcing + Education = Breakthroughs in Learning
BY LIZ TREADWELL | 1 min read

Let’s face it, the education system (especially in the U.S.) could use some help. Overcrowded classrooms, the high cost of attending university and cuts to public school funding are just a few of the major issues. These can seem like overwhelming topics to tackle, so where do you start? Sometimes it’s best to start out small, and some organizations are turning to crowdsourcing competitions to generate ideas.

If you’re new to HeroX and crowdsourcing, the definition of crowdsourcing is the process of sourcing goods or services from a group of internet users.1 So how can this be used in education? Outside of the HeroX platform, UNESCO has run annual calls for innovation to advance girls’ and women’s education across the globe.2 In addition, publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourts ran a competition for new educational product or service ideas.

On our platform, we’ve hosted challenges that sought disruptive ideas for online learning as an alternative to traditional higher education as well as one to discover new and creative ways to address the factors that determine student success. Our largest one that’s currently running as of this publish date, is the Base 11 Space Challenge. This $1,000,000 prize purse challenge is aiming to diversify the STEM talent pool through their liquid-fuel rocket challenge. You can view a recent webinar we hosted with the CEO of Base 11 here.

While these are just a few ways that crowdsourcing is playing a role in advancing education, there are a variety of other ways you can use this strategy. You can crowdsource ideas directly from your faculty and students to improve your individual school or an entire district. A more ambitious project would be to crowdsource the development of a new app or program for virtual classrooms. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to see what the power of the crowd can do for your education needs? Go ahead, start creating a challenge yourself or contact our Possibilities team to learn more.

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