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10 Talks to help you Learn & Grow

Being an innovator is tough, we get it. When you’re full of inspiration and ideas, you feel as if you’re driving a Harley on Route 66, then the pendulum swings just as far to the opposite side you feel like you’re aimlessly wandering with no sign of refuge. Luckily, a full tank of gas will ensure you are never lost! So the question is how you can fill up on what you need to drive towards your genius? The answer is to Continuously Learn & Grow -- something best done by getting out there

That's why we’ve gathered ten videos from fun, non-traditional "business and networking" (but so much more) conferences to help you do just that. The events highlighted by these snapshots can guide the growth of what you already knew, and shed light on what you have yet to uncover. These particular past speakers will give you a shove in the right direction while we wait for the 2018 event dates to arrive! 


Tristan Walker: Don't Overthink Your World-Changing Idea

In-Person Inspiration Found at 99U Held on May 9th to 11th, 2018 in New York City, you can register by going to their website


Peter Diamandis and Abundance In the Exponential Era

In-Person Inspiration Found at Singularity U Global Summit in San Fransisco, CA.


Rorke Denver : Calm is Contagious

In-Person Inspiration Found at Leadercast in Atlanta. Check out their website

Mariam Naficy: How to Start Again After Failing

In-Person Inspiration Found at GrowCo in New Orleans, stay tuned for their 2018 dates by heading to their website


Amy Jo Martin: Opensource Kindness & Serotonin

In-Person Inspiration Found at  World Domination Summit annually in Portland Oregon - head to to learn more and sign up for advanced notice of 2018 Registration.



Gary Vaynerchuk on Intent and Doing the work

In-Person Inspiration Found at Real Talk Summit in Vancouver, BC. Get the details at


Erin Kim on Uncovering your Genius

In-Person Inspiration Found at Creative Mornings in NYC:


Albert Nerenberg: Laughercize

In-Person Inspiration Found at


Seth Godin: Putting yourself on the Spot

In-Person Inspiration Found at The Inbound


Jeremy Gutsche on Disruptive Innovation

In-Person Inspiration Found at Future Festival in Toronto, ON. Find out more details at


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