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Help Finalize the Simply Music Challenge Guidelines

BY JILL ARNOW | 1 min read

I love the Simply Music Piano Challenge idea…creating a wearable piano that can be played anywhere just like a real piano. The potential of opening piano playing and music education for everyone, anywhere.

I can see the finished product in my mind, I can imagine playing it and learning how to play piano on it without cluttering my house any more than it already is!

However, in order to get there, we need to refine the challenge and be sure we know how to judge the submissions. How will we know that it works like a piano, sounds like a piano, looks like a piano or keyboard? What features are critical to make it a functional piano? How will we test these features?

As we finalized the Simply Music Challenge guidelines, all these questions need to be answered. While the Challenge Design team can figure out some of the answers, we will need expert advice to help guide us. We talked to subject matter experts directly, using their valuable time and knowledge, as we started working on the challenge, and we’ll reach out again.

But, we also believe in the power of the crowd. And we’re hoping that you will help us finalizing the requirements for this challenge. Watch the challenge page, give us feedback, talk to us, we’re always here!

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