A Video Message from Peter Diamandis

Hi, my name is Peter Diamandis, I'm the founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, and co-founder of HeroX. The brilliance and creativity of innovators constantly amazes both me and the entire team at HeroX.  We know that the greatest breakthroughs come from rebels; passionate and crazy rebels who know they can change the world. We recently launched the XPRIZE Visioneers Challenge to invite you to be part of designing the next XPRIZE competition.  See, I was a Visioneer. I launched the Ansari XPRIZE in 1996, because I saw an opportunity to make space exploration possible for myself and for everyone.  That $10 million competition has now resulted in a multi-billion dollar space industry.  Now this is your chance to make that possible all over again -- to become a Visioneer. What problem do you passionately care about? What will keep you up at night? What technological breakthroughs will revolutionize aspects of our planet -- how we travel, how we learn, how we lead healthier lives? What challenges can impact the lives of a billion people? As a Visioneer, you will have the opportunity to design the next XPRIZE and unleash the efforts of thousands of innovators around the world to solve that challenge. Put quite simply: your challenge could change the world. As a Visioneer, you will work with fellow creative thinkers, who are willing to push the boundaries on what is possible. You will train with some of the best prize designers in the world. Then you will pitch your challenge to members of our innovation board, our Board of Trustees, our sponsors -- Like Brita, Lowes Innovation Labs, and the Roddenberry Foundation. If your XPRIZE competition is selected, we will make it happen. I'd love for you to go and visit the link https://herox.com/XPRIZEvisioneers and to submit your application to become an XPRIZE Visioneer. Be the architect for a bold and abundant world ahead.

Thank you,
Peter Diamandis.  

A Message from Peter Diamandis from HeroX on Vimeo.

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