Project Shell Streamlines Summer Camp, Helps Kids Unplug
BY NICK | 1 min read

Running a summer camp, and the work of guiding hundreds of children through outdoor activities which include hazards like large falls, water, sharp objects, heavy objects, fire, etc. -- these things can prove challenging to any team. Naturally, the difficulty compounds when the campers have special needs and illnesses. Namely, the biggest challenges arise when it comes to ensuring that campers receive proper medical attention, at the proper times, at the correct doses without keeping the child sequestered in the infirmary or shadowed by a personal health professional.

After all, the whole point is of the camp is to liberate these participants from the stifling medical rigors which define most of their life. When this issue was brought to the attention of CoreTech, they knew they could provide a solution to benefit everyone.

The solution needed to improve daily operations for the camp (keeping tasks and data timely and organized), protect the camper’s sensitive information, and keep the caregivers informed. Project Shell was the solution CoreTech developed to meet the needs of these camps.

Using CORE (CoreTech’s Central, Open, Reusable, Easy toolkit) CoreTech designed a software solution that provides users with the kind of seamless experience we have come accustomed to having when using Apps. This is precisely the embodiment of CoreTech's overall intention, which is to provide nonprofits with the sought-after, but often complex and even expensive advantages of coordinated hardware, software, and cloud computing.

Shell provided campers, parents, staff, and onsite medical personnel with simple, secure registration, confidential and encrypted data, and systematized notifications for communicating key medical information to users in real-time.

Since it’s launch, this program, Project Shell, has been utilized at fifteen camps. Project Shell is helping those camps provide comprehensive service to nearly 30,000 children each year. This is just one example of what an App for Humanity can look like.

What would you design to make the world a better place? Your idea might be a winner! It doesn't take long to register as a competitor in the Apps for Humanity Challenge on HeroX.

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