Blazing Trails: An Innovator Story with Noris Rosario

BY GINA SPARROW | 3 min read

Innovation has the power to change the world, and every now and then, we come across individuals whose determination and brilliance set them apart from the rest. Noris Rosario is one such trailblazer, whose journey in the realm of clean energy and sustainable technologies has been nothing short of extraordinary. In this blog, we dive into the life and accomplishments of Noris Rosario, a true innovator making waves in the industry.

We celebrate the remarkable individuals who are making a name for themselves as innovators. Meet: Noris Rosario

MEET: Noris Rosario - A Personal and Professional Biography

Noris Rosario's story begins in July 2022 when he founded a groundbreaking UK start-up Eco-Humantropolis Clean Energy Exchange Ltd. Fueled by his passion for combatting greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), fuel poverty, food poverty, and poor health, Noris embarked on a mission to harness the power of low-carbon renewable clean energy through air power drive technologies that drive turbine generators. Little did he know that his research and development endeavors would unlock a new world of possibilities, revolutionizing the way we perceive and utilize clean energy.

According to Noris, "Our R&D opened a Pandora's box of tricks and discoveries, giving humankind and Planet Earth infinite clean energy possibilities."

Inspired to Join HeroX

When asked about what inspired him to join HeroX, Noris explains, "HeroX provides the infrastructure and acknowledgment for new start-ups to explore, expand, and exploit ideas. This is a rare privilege for those new start-ups rich in innovation and poor in time, resources, and funds." HeroX, with its robust infrastructure and platform, provides the ideal launchpad for aspiring innovators like Noris to showcase their ingenuity to the world.

Proud Moments in Noris Rosario's Career

Noris takes immense pride in being at the forefront of the future industrial revolution that promises to transform the health and well-being of humankind and planet Earth. His work is fueled by the vision of empowering urban and remote communities, long plagued by fuel poverty, food poverty, and poor health, with the life-changing technologies he and his team are developing.

Noris proudly states, "To see and know the difference our technologies will make to people's lives makes me proud to be a part of the 100% Global Net Zero Mission."

Taking on the HeroX Challenge

Noris and his team have been working on achieving breakthroughs that challenge the traditional laws of thermodynamics. It is particularly important in analyzing the efficiency of energy transfer and transformation processes. By accounting for the energy input and output, scientists and engineers can evaluate how effectively a system utilizes the input energy to perform useful work or produce desired outputs. Through our pioneering techniques with emerging technologies, we have identified ways to trick Thermodynamic laws, in the hope of presenting humankind with the silver bullet to achieving 100% net-zero targets. By capturing the abundant air and converting it into kinetic energy, we have researched and creating a powerful tool to drive turbine generators. Our discoveries go beyond conventional wisdom and hope to pave the way for limitless clean energy possibilities.

Noris explains, "Our HeroX results will show how techniques and technologies have found a way to trick Thermodynamic Laws, giving humankind a silver bullet to 100% Net Zero Targets."

The Innovation Superstar

When asked about what makes him an innovation superstar, Noris confidently states, "My determination, passion, innovation, discoveries, R&D make me a superstar." His commitment to bringing consumer benefits, prosperity, new skills, and global employment opportunities sets him apart. Noris firmly believes that his ability to change current practices on a global scale and the transformative impact of his discoveries on humankind and the survival of our planet make him shine brightly in the realm of innovation.

Embracing Opportunities and Making Connections

Noris Rosario has been afforded the unique opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds globally, thanks to his success at HeroX. Through this platform, he has connected with individuals from diverse backgrounds, sharing ideas and expanding his horizons. It is through such collaborative efforts that Noris believes true innovation can thrive and create a lasting impact.

Noris shares, "I've been given a rare opportunity to access and work with some of the most creative global minds and to share ideas with people from all walks of life."

The Human Side of Innovation

Noris Rosario’s story is a testament to the fact that academic qualifications and privileged backgrounds are not prerequisites for making groundbreaking contributions. As a father of five and a proud grandfather of fifteen, Noris is fueled by his desire to secure a better future for his children and the generations to come. His dedication to the survival of humankind and planet Earth is truly awe-inspiring.

Noris humbly states, "Innovation, design, research, and discoveries can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time. I'm not an academic, I don't have a degree, and I do not come from a privileged background."


To connect with Noris Rosario and learn more about his remarkable journey, visit his LinkedIn page at Noris Rosario on LinkedIn.

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