How Company Culture Fuels Innovation: A Celebration of HeroX's Core Values

BY GINA SPARROW | 4 min read

The Identity of a Company: Its Culture

A company's culture shapes its identity, influencing everything from employee satisfaction and productivity to the quality of products and services. At HeroX, our culture transcends a set of written values - it's a lived reality that permeates our work, accomplishments, and even our celebrations.

We'd like to share how our unique company culture inspires a spirit of innovation, transforming our values from mere words into actionable efforts that influence our collective achievements.

We're also discovering that culture is one of the most significant indicators of success in open innovation projects. The adoption of novel strategies and innovation models, as well as the use of crowdsourcing, are directly shaped by the mindset of the team that supports them. We hope to inspire you!

ps. Our CEO is exceptionally passionate about this subject. Get in touch for more insight into how we foster our culture of innovation.


The Power of Milestones

Every HeroX employee has an important milestone to celebrate - their work anniversary. A celebration that goes beyond cake and confetti, we have a unique way of commemorating this occasion. We create personalized word clouds for every team member, each word collected by our colleagues reflecting the values and traits they bring to our organization.

Over time, we began noticing a remarkable pattern. Certain words consistently float to the forefront, regardless of roles or positions. Terms like "Courage", "Authentic", "Committed", "Humble", "Integrity", "Reliable", "Supportive", and "Thoughtful" continually emerged.

These words represent more than just adjectives; they stand as the bedrock of our shared values and the pillars of our work ethos at HeroX. They are the embodiment of our collective commitment to each other and to the innovative work we do.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

Encouraging a culture of innovation involves more than just promoting creativity and ideation. It requires an environment that values authenticity, nurtures courage, and rewards commitment. Our consistent word cloud results indicate that these values are not just aspects of our culture but the lived experiences of each HeroX team member.

A positive, supportive, and open company culture helps eliminate potential barriers to innovation, such as rigid hierarchies, lack of communication, fear of failure, or resistance to change. It encourages creativity and the generation of bold, new ideas.


The HeroX Way

We have some pretty great structures to support our cultural foundations. These are just a few ways we commit to our core crew:


  • We have a dedicated SLACK channel where the team can share 'goats' (greatest of all time) to celebrate and acknowledge each other by dropping a sentence or two with a goat emoji in a thread. Complete with automation to track the threads, and at the end of every month, the top giver & getter receives an Amazon gift card. 
  • We have a weekly 'all-hands' meeting (WAM), and we start every meeting with a 'positive focus' shared by each individual. It's a great way to get to know each other and hear about wins in various circles of the company that may have otherwise been missed. 
  • Our quarterly planning consists of an extraordinary program called The 12 Week Year and every team member participates in the development of the coming quarter, which includes a review of the Company's Strategic and Tactical themes. 
  • Our centralized Project Management Apps; Teamwork, Hubspot & Canva keep us humming in our cross-collaborative projects.
  • The Company supports continuous learning and development, and we now proudly boast several 'Harvard Grads' on the team! 
  • Being 100% remote, we have our highly anticipated Team Retreat, typically twice a year at a beautiful location (2023 Sept will be in Kelowna, BC - want to join us? See info box below). 

Please fill out this form by July 31, 2023, if you're interested in a social meetup with the HeroX team in Kelowna, BC, on either September 20 or 21, 2023. We look forward to possibly meeting you! Meetup Form

Is Culture a Competitive Advantage?

Our culture propels HeroX forward. It is the invisible force behind every innovative idea, groundbreaking project, and successful launch. We believe that our culture is our most significant competitive advantage. From humble beginnings to steady growth, these shared values have guided us, ensuring we remain true to our mission while dedicating ourselves to our goals with integrity and thoughtfulness.

These values make us more than a team - they make us HeroX.  

Our vibrant culture allows us to create an environment where creativity thrives, ideas flow freely, and innovation becomes second nature. At HeroX, our culture isn't just about maintaining a pleasant workspace; it's about enabling each individual to reach their fullest potential and together, make the impossible, possible.


5 Practical Steps to Boost Culture and Innovation


  • Establish Open Channels of Communication: Ensure there are easy, accessible ways for employees to share their ideas and thoughts. This could involve regular team meetings, suggestion boxes, or digital platforms facilitating discussion and feedback. Encourage active listening and respect for all opinions, fostering a culture of transparency and inclusivity.
  • Promote Cross-Functional Collaboration: Organize projects or initiatives that require team members from different departments to work together. This not only broadens their understanding of the business but also fosters diverse viewpoints and idea generation. It can also strengthen relationships across the organization, contributing to a more unified company culture.
  • Facilitate Continuous Learning: Provide employees with opportunities to grow and learn. This could be in the form of regular training sessions, webinars, mentoring programs, or encouraging them to attend relevant conferences or workshops. A culture of learning encourages idea-sharing and innovation, keeping the business adaptable and forward-thinking.
  • Reward and Recognize: Recognizing and appreciating employees' contributions boosts morale and fosters a sense of belonging. This could be in the form of shout-outs in team meetings, featuring employees in company newsletters, or establishing a reward system for innovative ideas. It's not just about big accomplishments; even small wins can have a significant impact when recognized.
  • Implement a 'Safe to Fail' Atmosphere: Create an environment where employees feel comfortable taking risks and potentially failing. Rather than penalizing mistakes, use them as learning opportunities. This encourages creative thinking and idea sharing, as employees won't be afraid to suggest bold, innovative solutions. You can implement this by debriefing after projects to discuss what went well and what can be improved, focusing on lessons learned rather than blame.


Our Culture is our Compass

As we continue to celebrate our milestones, we're reminded of the unique culture we're nurturing at HeroX. Our journey is a testament to how profoundly our core values influence everything we do. They shape not just our work environment but also our innovative drive. In essence, our culture is our compass, guiding us toward new frontiers of innovation.

Together, as a team, we continue to explore, grow, and above all, innovate. We are HeroX, and this is just the beginning.


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