The HeroX Spotlight Series: Introducing Kyla Jeffrey

BY JODIE WOZNIAK | 1 min read

It’s a pleasure to introduce you all to our VP of Customer Success, Kyla Jeffrey. Kyla joined HeroX back in 2016 for what was intended to be a few months gig and has turned into six years and counting! Kyla is our go to for all things challenge success. She leads our team to ensure our clients each have a one of a kind and successful experience. 


Kyla came to HeroX with a background in Marine Biology. She studied invasive species in the Bahamas and in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest. Although entering into the tech world may seem like a completely different realm there have been plenty of interesting challenges launched on the platform that continue to nourish her passions.


So what has kept Kyla here with us rather than scuba diving through coral reefs?


“I am always looking for ways to make a positive impact, whether that be on the coral reefs of the Caribbean or in the board room of a Fortune 50. HeroX, and the crowdsourcing model, allosw me to amplify the impact that I can make. Our work enables the brightest minds from around the world to work on the problems that matter and through my time at HeroX I have been a part getting payloads to the moon, improving our animal tracking capabilities, make a better helmet for the NFL and countless other innovations. 


While I no longer spend my days scuba diving on coral reefs, I know our work is changing the world. And since we’re a remote team, I’ve been able to work with HeroX while exploring the world, setting up my desk from an island in the mediterranean to the beaches of Costa Rica and Australia.”


When Kyla isn’t supporting our clients on their quest to utilize the power of the crowd she’s crushing the outdoors in every aspect. From hiking to camping, kayaking to scuba diving she enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible. We truly hit the jackpot having Kyla as part of our team!


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