The HeroX Spotlight Series: Introducing Igor Lysenko

BY JODIE WOZNIAK | 1 min read

We’re excited to introduce you to this MVP HeroXer, Igor Lysenko! Igor is our Senior Software Engineer, or as we like to call him, Mr. Fix It. He spends most of his time in the background ensuring the HeroX platform runs smoothly and efficiently. He is responsible for all our platform updates and site tasks, frankly we’d be lost without him!

Igor has been working as a programmer for most of his career. He ​​graduated from the USSR Dnepr National University in 1994 as an engineer-mathematician. From there, he entered the professional space as a software engineer. In 2015, Igor began to do some research on organizations hiring in his field in hopes of changing up the particular technology he was focusing on which is what led him to HeroX. He had an initial conversation with our Co-Founder, Christian Cotichini, and has been a part of the family ever since.

What does Igor enjoy most about HeroX?

“I like our positive focus. At the beginning of every meeting we start with a round robin of positive focus. We get to know each other outside of our working life at HeroX.”

When Igor isn’t coding away behind the scenes he enjoys going to the gym in an effort to stay healthy and fit. He also loves to travel, specifically to take part in a favorite hobby of his, diving. Igor currently joins us from across the seas in Ukraine with hopes of joining the rest of our Canadian HeroXers in Vancouver sometime in the near future. 

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