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7 Table Top Game Futures That Could Have Been Prevented With Crowd-Sourcing Challenges


The Problem: There are four diseases that have broken out in the world, each threatening to wipe out a region. Time is of the essence, resources are limited and travel is a pretty big obstacle. These issues often keep a solution away from the rest of your team before time runs out and the disease wins.

The Challenge:  There are a lot of options that could save the world from these four deadly diseases that could have been solved by crowd sourced challenges. I am going to pick communication as the biggest problem that could have been tackled by crowd sourced challenges. If people between regions could have communicated more clearly, they could have prevented the outbreak of all four diseases in the first place. Every relationship therapist would tell you that communication is key. Why do you think it should be different between countries? Sometimes you just call to say hi. Other times, it’s to stop everyone from dying a painful death. Suck it up.



The Problem: Well, there’s lots. But let’s start with the Tyranids. Ah yes, the extragalactic composite species of hideous despicable xenos. Tyranids are a race that is obsessed only with its own survival, propagation and evolutionary advancement. Think Hives. Nobody wants hordes of Tyranid hives travelling across the galaxy systematically consuming all biomatter in their wake. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Their monstrous superorganism of biomechanical Hive ships only interested in their own rapid evolution and reproduction needs to be stopped.

The Challenge:Operation: Stop the Tyranids Madness. The challenge is to find a solution that could keep the Tyranids Hive ships at bay and away from all peaceful non-Tyranid systems. This challenge could potentially form peaceful relations between all species across the galaxy, united under the preservation of their home systems. A solution where universes can survive and travel in peace and Tyranids can… well, learn how to keep on their own side of the galaxy for once.



Problem: First of all, LOTS of problems here. But lets isolate one of them for the sake of this post. And where better to start than, Chicago!  Chicago’s Containment Zone is walled off to this day. For 20 full years, it’s been zoned off and the city has never really recovered from it. Chicago was decimated by a thermonuclear warhead, thanks to the Ares Megacorp. Sure. They got rid of that pesky insect spirit mess. Was it the way to solve that problem? Probably not. But good luck trying to get a Megacorp to listen to you. But lets focus one part of the problem here. Their magic eating chemical, FAB III, was released creating Mana Ebbs that restrict the flow of Mana. Warlords and gangs all over India have taken up their banner and carved a little slice of heaven out of Chicago. And it’s not for the deep dish pizza.

Challenge: Chicago’s mayor is already looking to give out contracts to any Megacorp that can help finish the cleanup of Chicago’s Containment Zone and rebuild it to it’s former glory. Maybe you have an idea that a Megacorp would want to hire you for? Can you can make it vibrant once again finding a cheaper and faster way to clean up the astral? What should Chicago do with all the excess rubble and abandoned buildings? How can Chicago effectively eliminate the criminals without losing lives and wasting money on a lost cause? Perhaps the crowd has a solution. Just don’t expect to get more than a very tiny hat tip from Megacorp. Because in this future, Megacorp owns you and your ideas anyway.

Don’t Wake Daddy

The Problem: Dad is tired. You’re either an unsatisfied partner or a child hopped up on sugar. Either way, it’s past your bedtime and you’re being a jerk.

The Challenge: Dad needs a soundproof bed. A place where no noise from the outside world can bother him for a solid 8 hours. Incentive challenge could rally tired dads around the world to put up a purse big enough to attract innovators who can find their perfect sleepy time solution. But in the meantime, just give dad an Ambien.

king of tokyo

King of Tokyo

The Problem: Mutant monsters, gigantic robots and other aliens are pretty much just partying in your city 24/7/365. and you’re doing nothing about it. Not a damn thing.

The Challenge: Hey Tokyo, do something about your monster problem. You just let them walk/fly/swim right into your home base. Then to make matters worse, you just let them leave and we all know they are coming back. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to run a challenge for innovators to find  a way to keep the monsters out of Tokyo forever. Something that’s ideally not powered by your nuclear plant (if I am to believe the new Godzilla movie is an accurate retelling of your monster problem). Think environmentally safe, perhaps even monster safe but most definitely, citizen safe.

Thin Ice

The Problem: Global warming. There is a need to act urgently to reduce the carbon pollution fueling global warming. Lets face it, folks. The ice just should not be melting that fast. Power plants that burn fossil fuels like coal and gas are the largest sources of carbon pollution in the U.S. But while there are limits on smog, soot and other dangerous pollution from power plants, there are no federal limits on the industrial carbon pollution power plants emit. Also um, those kids on the box enjoying this game? They are totally clueless of the devastating impact of global warming on their planet. That’s a problem.

The Challenge: To find an alternative energy source that prevents global warming forever. Perhaps a solution that can assist cleaning up the damage already done. Bonus challenge: Find a way to make sure no kid by that age is unaware of the effects of global warming. Have them be our future innovation leaders committed to solving problems like climate change.


Hungry Hungry Hippos

The Problem: The Hippos are really REALLY hungry. And can we ever really be happy if any hippo goes hungry?

The Challenge: To find a solution by rallying animal activists and inspiring innovators around the world to fight for a solution. So no hippo or water beast anywhere goes hungry ever again. I’d also advise this challenge to push towards a marble free diet. None of those hippos are a normal colour.

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