The HeroX Spotlight Series: Introducing Liz Treadwell

BY JODIE WOZNIAK | 1 min read

We’d like to introduce you to our Product Manager, Liz Treadwell. Liz is another one of our HeroX swiss army knives, meaning we rely on her for just about anything and everything. From customer experience to marketing and everything in between, Liz supports the team in just about every way imaginable. If you’ve had the pleasure of working on a project with us, chances are Liz is the one responsible for how smoothly things have gone. She is certainly an MVP here!

Liz initially worked in finance, specifically the home loan industry, at various banks and in various roles. Although the job security was great, it truly wasn’t fulfilling so she moved on to working for a theatre, and then a title company. While both jobs had their perks, the commutes and varying hours eventually outweighed the pros, which is what led her to join the team at HeroX! Our work from anywhere, anytime philosophy as well as the intrigue of crowdsourcing, had her sold!

So what does Liz love about HeroX?

"I love how supportive everyone is of each other, and how we encourage growth/improvement in a positive manner. We truly operate as a team which is not an easy thing to find at most companies. The other thing I really appreciate about our culture is the fun attitude we bring to everything. No one acts like they're better than anyone else, and we all love to laugh. This is apparent at not only our team meetings but during calls with our clients and partners as well.”

Liz resides in beautiful Arizona and while she isn’t crushing it here at HeroX, she enjoys catching up on all of her favorite hobbies - testing out new recipes, hiking, traveling, and learning new songs to play on the guitar. Her guilty pleasure is watching trashy reality TV as well (any other Bravo fans out there!?). Liz is also a new momma, I think it’s safe to say hanging out with baby Treadwell is her favorite hobby of all.  

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