lululemon Healthier Communities

lululemon Healthier Communities

lululemon seeks innovative ways to use store locations and community hubs to improve mind, body, and the local community at large.

Challenge Overview

Your Challenge

lululemon wants your ideas to improve the mind, body, and community of lululemon guests when they spend time in our store and community spaces. 

Winners of this challenge will have the opportunity to partner with lululemon’s R&D and Innovation Lab, Whitespace Explorations, and may see their ideas or technologies brought to life for lululemon guests.  Challenge participants will also have the opportunity to win merchandise, cash, and other awards. 


Why This Matters

lululemon is rapidly expanding and has over 450 stores around the world. If each of these spaces were to influence the well-being of just 100 guests each day, we would impact over 16 million lives a year. That’s twice the population of New York! 

These physical spaces provide a community focused influence to make a difference, and as a group they create a global network that focuses on enhancing wellbeing.

We are committed to driving innovation for societal betterment through empowerment of the individual and their communities,  and we are clear that our means to do so is rooted in discovering and elevating the potential that exists within all of us.

We need your diverse perspectives, game-changing ideas, and belief busting breakthroughs to realise our vision, and will provide you the support and platform you need to do so. 

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