We are excited to announce the winners in the lululemon's Healthier Communities Challenge!

We were absolutely thrilled with the overwhelming response and quality of submissions. Ideas ranged from breathwork classes to digital community gardens. Your submission was engaging and well-crafted. 


Ideation Category Winners:

1st Place: HeroX Health Station , Limitless Energy LLC. 

2nd Place: A community that gardens together stays together, Suresh Riya

3rd Place: You, Lisa Schools

People's Choice: The ALIGNED Athlete, Marcy Deresienski (96 votes)

People's Choice: Lululemon: An Alternative to Church and CountryClub, Adam (81 votes)


Proposal Category Winners:

1st Place: Immersive Multi-Sensory Experience, to:Resonate

2nd Place: LuluScape: The full experience, Matthew Payne

3rd Place: Person-specific Nutrition is a wellness foundation, Team NRG