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Risk color code > when to wear mask & face shields
Dark Red= face shield (R) & mask (M) Red= mask (M) Orange= mask or face shield (1 M) Yellow=face shield or mask M=Mandatory R=Recomend
by up-cycle soda bottles > face-shields 4 3rd world
1Bin, and GWTF (Go with the Fluo...)
Incorporating or externally depositing fluorescent molecular tags in plastics during manufacture, for automated sorting by emission spectra.
by Mitul Sarkar
Building Community: Peer motivation & Company
An app makes the pursuit of wellness more fun by helping people find good company and peer motivation nearby. Thus, building up community.
by Mitul Sarkar
The flatpack lululemon pop-up party store
As fans cannot get enough of LL, how about taking the store to the fans - a flatpack-style pop up store for "home parties" in communities!
by Mitul Sarkar
1 store = 1 collective ->Support for Worthy Causes
Unite community into fundraising for worthy causes via Rewards program that gives points for LL purchases and completed wellness activities.
by Mitul Sarkar
Idea: VIPaccess - LL available 24x7 for Community
LL stores, small pop-ups and website give guests renewable free VIPaccess passes to remote/virtual 24x7 coaching, shopping assistants, more.
by Mitul Sarkar
How2 #sweatlife in interstitial time... anywhere!
Mock-ups in store + instruction on how to #reclaim wait times ANYWHERE by stretching and exercising. E.g. curbside, in transportation, etc
by Mitul Sarkar
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