up-cycle soda bottles > face-shields 4 3rd world

1 liter soda bottle.
3" hole saw
1/4" drill bit
razor knife

Take 3 " hole saw in drill and strat to drill out the bottom centered with hole saw center drill. Leave the cap on so it hold air.
When it spins in your hand a few times, you can stop and finish the 3" circle with the razor knife.
Cut off top funnel part with razor knife.
cut tube, so it will open up from a tube and be spring loaded to close to original shape.
Trim any corners or rough spots.
Put on face, with ends just in front of ears.
Top curlled part is the bottom of the bottle and hold onto head and hair.
(works good enough to use as a face shield while weed eating my yard.)
It is not uncomfortable, because it grabs mostly hairline and not to mch side pressure down long edge and still stay on.
It can be made a bit more comfortable if going to be worn for extended periods by using a head band underneath zero cost up-cycled face shield.