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A rewards program that links to pet welfare
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A rewards program that accumulates points for pet-related expenses. Points become a "rainy day" savings fund for each pet. Managed by BF.
Identify a resource or support that assists in keeping pets at home (500 characters)
This idea applies to many existing resources/supports. But particularly to those that help provide pet food and pet supplies to pet owners.

My idea is a cross-pollination between frequent customer loyalty/rewards programs in retail, in services (e.g. veterinarian, frequent flyer miles), financial products (e.g. co-branded cards), data analytics, etc. These form fields are not enough to provide enough details, but I look forward to doing that if this is shortlisted in Phase1. Please read on..
Identify the barriers to efficiently distributing this support (500 characters)
Many pet owners start out with pets at a point in their lives when they are NOT dependent on support resources or locations that provide, for instance, pet food and pet supplies. These pet owners are initially buying pet food and supplies from regular retailers or specialty pet stores. Thus, they know what's in the stores they visit, how to get there, etc, (i.e. ingrained buying habits). So, they are typically unprepared for the day when they find themselves struggling to provide for their pets.
Suggest strategies to effectively distribute support despite barriers (500 characters)
IDEA: a free, opt-in rewards program linked to each pet. Lets ANY pet owner earn reward points for purchases/payments. E.g., on the value of pet food/supplies at Walmart, the visit to the veterinarian, the license/registration of the pet, etc. Each datapoint builds up a profile, i.e. how well the pet is being cared for. Thus, problems can be inferred early, so outreach will be timely. Points get re-converted into pet products & services in times of need, and can be donated. For Details->Phase2?