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Map Overlay & Calendar Integration
short description
Crowdsourced public Google Map overlay layers, so users can see pet help resources nearby. Free online calendar of programs/dates 4 planning
Identify a resource or support that assists in keeping pets at home (500 characters)
Anywhere a pet owner is located, there may be a variety of pet help resources located near and far. For example, Best Friends Network comprises more than 2,100 animal welfare organizations across the USA, but there are many more orgs, resources and even informal networks. To this constellation of resources, we can now add "enablers" that improve resource visibility and communication: online maps and calendars. E.g. both Google Maps and Google Calendar are free to use and customize.
Identify the barriers to efficiently distributing this support (500 characters)
Whether due to being in a resource desert, or having moved recently, or simply not knowing where/how to search, many pet owners are unaware of 80% or more of the possible resources & assistance programs that they may qualify for. Despite high internet penetration and 75% smartphone penetration in the US population, many owners are unable to navigate the deluge of search results when (if) they search for pet help resources near them. Some resources are available on specific dates/times only.
Suggest strategies to effectively distribute support despite barriers (500 characters)
Custom, publicly-viewable map overlay layers will be used to mark the locations and types of resources, following a standard created by Best Friends and/or a consortium of animal welfare orgs. The map overlays are generated at zero or very low cost through crowdsourcing (i.e. volunteer/user contributed). Publicly-viewable calendars of program availability dates and time. All these are easily updated by the resource's team/volunteers, and freely accessed from any web browser/library/smartphone.