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Island of Happiness Coastal Design Competition

Island of Happiness Coastal Design Competition

Propose a new, sustainable approach to seawall design and construction.
Grand Prize Winners Announced
Up to $180,000 value

Challenge Overview

Creating the Island of Happiness

The search for harmony between people and their environment is timeless, but our successes have traditionally come with a negative impact on the environment. Seawalls have been no exception to this legacy, but their function of protection from storms and erosion remains a vital need. That’s why The Island of Happiness is looking to bridge the gap in sustainable seawalls, and that’s where we need original, mold-breaking designs.

There has yet to exist a treatment for the sea edge that is sustainably designed without sacrificing an elegant aesthetic. Your challenge is to propose a new kind of sea edge treatment that can be created first for the Island of Happiness, and eventually become the new standard for sea edge treatments in the rest of Indonesia and possibly other parts of the world.


Prize Summary

Prizes will be awarded to leading innovators in both the ideation and prototype phases. However, the money is just the beginning. Winners of the ideation phase who advance into prototyping will travel to the Island of Happiness to collaborate with Kura Kura Bali and other firms to develop and test their prototype (all expenses paid).

Other prizes may include

  • Recognition at the United Nations Global Initiative Sustainable Development Solutions Network
  • Recognition in the Shanghai Gallery of Art at Three on the Bund
  • Scholarship (subject to meeting admission criteria) to enroll in UID’s flagship leadership development course conducted in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management, or other courses at our partners Tsinghua University, Bandung Institute of Technology, Paramadina University and University of Indonesia
  • Potential happiness job in the Island of Happiness, based on availability
  • The opportunity to apply your solution to seawalls in different parts of the Indonesian Archipelago

You’re in Good Company

There are a number of remarkable, accomplished individuals who have recognized the need for breakthroughs in sustainable development and endorsed the UN Sustainable Development Goals Pyramid initiative and we welcome you to join this movement. Included in that group is Unilever CEO Paul Polman, legendary American record producer, Quincy Jones, and former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Christiana Figueres, and many more.

This competition serves a vision that embraces an economically and ecologically sound approach to development, best described by the minds behind Better Business, Better World. Isn’t it about time we prove this can be done and show others what’s possible?


What you can do right now:

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  • Click on the "Share" button above to share this challenge with your friends, your family, or anyone you know who has a passion for the coastal environment, engineering, or sustainability.
  • Leave a comment in the Forum to join the conversation, ask questions or connect with other innovators.


Want to learn more?

The Island of Happiness seeks to create a model community based on the principles of the Balinese belief in the Three Ways to Happiness: harmony with people, with nature, and with spiritual in all aspects of living. You can learn more about it and how it has been translated into a sustainable design framework by following this link. To this end, both the design and implementation of all projects must enhance and help maintain the natural beauty and culture of the island, and allow for further implementation and/or scale to other locations, worldwide.

If this sounds like the right kind of challenge for your aspirations, click the “Accept Challenge” button on the top of the page to sign up, view the submission form and stay informed on the latest developments and resources for competing! 

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