Past Events

How LEGO Used Crowdsourcing To Boost their Brand! webinar

HeroX presents an episode of their Thought Leadership Series in Open Innovation, Coffee with Kal, hosted by their VP of Possibilities, Kal K. Sahota. Joining Kal in this episode will be Daiva Naldal.   

Daiva runs her own innovation consulting firm, she is a sought after international speaker with expertise in open innovation and marketing strategies. Notably, Daiva’s most recent experience was a 13+ year tenure with LEGO as the Director, Head of LEGO IDEAS. She will share her experiences on how LEGO IDEAS grew from a small pilot project to a sustainable business opportunity within their Product and Marketing Innovation Division. She brings a wealth of knowledge in the open innovation space. Join in the conversation to learn more about how brands are successfully implementing their crowdsourcing strategies. Reserve your seat today.

What the Power of Crowdsourcing Has Given Us in This Past Decade and What’s Possible For the Next 10 Years! webinar

Join us Wednesday, January 8th at 3pm PST

HeroX presents an episode of their Thought Leadership Series in Open Innovation, Coffee with Kal, hosted by their VP of Possibilities, Kal K. Sahota. Joining Kal on this episode will be Epi Ludvik, Crowdsourcing Week CEO & Co-founder, Dave Messinger, CTO at TopCoder and Christian Cotichini, HeroX CEO & Co-founder.

Listen to their stories of how they’ve participated in driving innovation through the power of the crowd for the past decade and learn what they are up to and how they will lift barriers to further innovation through crowdsourcing. Get inspired on what’s possible for your organization in 2020! Register today, space is limited!

Thought Leadership Series: How to Incorporate Innovation within your Organization webinar

Join us Wednesday, December 11th, 9am PST for the next live episode in our Thought Leadership Series - How to Incorporate Innovation within your Organization. Join our host HeroX's VP of Possibilities, Kal Sahota along with HeroX's CEO & Co-Founder, Christian Cotichini and special guest, Maher Ezzeddine, CEO & Co-Founder of Ideanco. Register today for the opportunity to learn more about how organizations are partnering to leverage open innovation through Crowd. Understand how to take what you already have in front of you and powerfully build and weave innovation into your organization. Be sure to register soon as space is limited!


HeroX @ SAAS North

HeroX is headed to Ottawa! Looking to connect with a Crowdsourcing Expert to learn how you can utilize the Power of the Crowd for you next project? Then find us at the SAAS North Conference at the Shaw Center in Ottawa on November 26th-27th. Be sure to register and then shoot a note to let us know you'll be there!

HeroX @ Crowdsourcing Week Riyadh

The Power of the Crowd heads to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia November 26th. Join our fearless leader, HeroX CEO, Christian Cotichini, Crowdsourcing Week's, Epi Ludvik, as well as many other leaders in the innovation space at the upcoming Crowdsourcing Week Summit Riyadh. Learn more about the event here.

HeroX @ Innovation 4.0 Forum

Local to Montreal? Looking to connect with a Crowdsourcing Expert to learn how you can utilize the power of the crowd for you next project? Well, you're in luck! HeroX will be onsite at the First International Innovation 4.0 Forum at the Montreal Convention Center on November 6th. There's still time to register, we hope to see you there!

Crowdsourcing: The Future of Business webinar

Crowdsourcing is impacting business and, specifically, innovation on so many different levels. From helping to develop new product innovation in artificial intelligence through drones to discovering technologies to support neurosurgeons conduct brain surgery. No matter what your industry, crowdsourcing is a simple business tool that can be used globally by organizations to solve everyday business issues. With over 3.5 billion humans connected to the worldwide web, what’s in the way of you tapping into their creativity and sourcing game changing solutions? Make it your Crowd.

You are invited to participate in our webinar series - Crowdsourcing: The Future of Business. Join HeroX’s VP, Possibilities, Kal Sahota as she shares the secrets of the Power of the Crowd. Learn how you can incorporate Crowdsourcing into your business model, simply and easily.

Register now as seats are limited!

Tech4 Innovation Conference

Local to Boston? Join us for the 4th Tech4 Innovation conference October 2nd - 3rd! Our CEO, Christian Cotichini and VP of Possibilities, Kal Sahota will be onsite discussing all things crowdsourcing. Learn more about the event and grab your tickets here.

Future Festival World Summit

HeroX is headed to Toronto! Our team will be onsite at TrendHunter's Future Festival in Toronto. Looking to learn more about our platform and what crowdsourcing can do for your organization? Then stop by our booth October 1st - 3rd to discuss how you can crowdsource your next innovation! Learn more about the event and register here.

Thought Leadership Series: The Next Big Thing in Innovation with Jeremy Gutsche webinar

If you’ve ever wanted to join an intimate conversation with a highly respected innovation visionary, then join our free webinar on Tuesday, September 24th at 12pm PDT/3pm EDT.  HeroX's VP of Possibilities, Kal Sahota, will be speaking with CEO, Innovation Keynote Speaker, Futurist, and Award-Winning Author Jeremy Gutsche about his thoughts on crowdsourcing and where he’s seen it make an impact.

With 700 brands, billionaires and CEOs relying on Jeremy and his team to predict and create the future, Jeremy is well-versed in spotting the next trends. Not only that, he has the #1 most-watched innovation keynote videos on the internet, inspiring over 20,000,000 people online!

Don’t miss out on this discussion, register your spot today.