Dylan Cohen moderator
July 12, 2018
11:53 a.m. PDT

Teams Looking for Hackathon Delegate

This is a space for teams which don’t yet have a representative who is able to attend Hackathon in-person due to Visa issues to recruit new team members that may be able to attend the event.

Posts should adhere to the following format:

1. Name of team
2. Grand Challenge Area of prize design
3. Title of prize
4. Brief description of prize. Don’t give away all your secrets, but do say enough to pique the interest of potential team members
5. Any relevant facts about your team, or the type of new member you are looking for

If you—someone looking to join a team as a Hackathon delegate—find one of the entries appealing, please click on their username. In the top right corner of that page there will be a button that says “message”. Clicking on that will allow you to send a message directly to that team.

Once your team has found the new team member please edit your post by clicking the grey “Edit” button and saying that you have found a new team member. This way teams will not be spammed by people after finding their new member.
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Daniel Silva
July 12, 2018
2:28 p.m. PDT
Hi, how are you?

I'm Daniel Silva, and I'm applying for Xprize Visioners 2018 - Feeding Billions and Energy Free, I believe I have two great projects with great potential to win.

I would like to invite everyone who cares about the environment, who do not like pollution and who enjoy working with the land and produce food and energy in a natural and environmentally responsible way, everyone is welcome.

I'm looking for members to compose my team and maybe represent the team at Hackaton now in August, if you have interest and want to join me, send me a message with your presentation and let's go, good luck to all.

Thank you and see you soon.

July 13, 2018
2:52 a.m. PDT
I'm looking for a team member residing in US to represent my prize design in Los Angeles, California to attend the Phase I Design Hackathon on August 10–12, 2018 at the XPRIZE headquarter just in case my submission gets chosen as one of the semi-finalist. My prize design is about "Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty". Message me if you want to join.

Adam Bostock
July 13, 2018
7:13 a.m. PDT
Hello fellow innovators in the ENERGY challenge.

You might find the following useful: my winning submission to the precursor of this challenge (an Abundant Clean Energy XPRIZE): http://bit.ly/energyWinningPlan

It addressed all global energy challenges, and you will see in the above document that a subset of it (Community Power Prizes) matches this current challenge. Please feel free to use this to reflect on, and enhance, your submission for this challenge. [Note that this is not advice on what you need to do to win; and I'm not a member of staff for HeroX or XPRIZE.]

I hope you find it useful.

I didn't want to create a video or fly to LA so I didn't enter this challenge. However, if a credible team wishes to team up with me and fulfil those video/LA roles then I'm happy to discuss our arrangement.

Good luck fellow innovators :-)


July 17, 2018
2:52 p.m. PDT
Hi everyone! I am looking for someone nearby LA California or anyone with visa to US who can represent my team in case our entry to Energy of the Future Challenge will have the luck. It was entitled Optimus XPrime Mover which might be the simplest fastest and cheapest solution to give lights to all people living in the dark around the planet.

Sanat Singhal
July 19, 2018
5:37 p.m. PDT

July 19, 2018
8:01 p.m. PDT
Hi there . My name is Ali Liban. I am an inventor from Ethiopia/Somalia regions. I am working clean energy systems redesign for energy access in developing countries as personal challenge for many years and have transformational solutions for reducing poverty in these regions. I am competing in the off-grid energy access prize. I am hoping I will be one of the semifinalists. I am looking for a delegate living in the LA area and who has clean energy knowledge to represent me in the design hackathon on August 10-12 in Calver City and beyond for potential partnership. This is because it is difficult to obtain US visa in short term notice out here.

Kate Rushton
July 23, 2018
7:27 a.m. PDT
If you team goes to the next stage, I might be interested in attending for you. I have a valid visa under the visa waiver program. It all depends if I have a skillset that is useful to you. I don't just want to represent a team, I want to contribute as well.

Kate Rushton
July 23, 2018
7:28 a.m. PDT
Also personalities need to match

July 23, 2018
11:13 a.m. PDT
@Kate Rushton
Offer accepted. I will be discussing the full details with you if we will make it to semi finalist. So please keep on visiting this page. I will be counting on you, just in case.

Andrew Blume
July 23, 2018
12:11 p.m. PDT
If my team does not advance to the semi-finals, I would be willing to represent a winning team as a delegate for feeding the next billion or for lifting farmers out of poverty. I am already located in Los Angeles.

July 23, 2018
12:16 p.m. PDT
@Andrew Blume
Sure! I'll let you know if ever I'm one of semi-finalist.

Kate Rushton
July 23, 2018
12:17 p.m. PDT
Same as Andrew, I am happy to be a delegate for Save Coral Reefs, Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty
and Energy for the Developing World. I did not want to commit to a team beforehand because I wanted to make a last minute submission myself.

July 23, 2018
12:28 p.m. PDT
Goodluck guys... @Rolly Saan ka nag School?

July 23, 2018
12:33 p.m. PDT

July 23, 2018
12:51 p.m. PDT

Gopikrishnan Muthuswamy
July 30, 2018
3:05 a.m. PDT
I have a valid visa to the US. I will be happy to represent any team for lifting farmers out of poverty if my own entry doesn't qualify.
I am an industrial automation engineer by profession and organic farmer by passion. I practise many eco friendly activities and live in a self designed award winning eco friendly home.
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